Austin AGC Members:

In response to today's claim by Austin health officials (as reported in the Austin Business Journal this afternoon) that construction is a "hotspot" for COVID-19, the Austin AGC notes:
  • Is there actual City/County data that provides a breakdown of all COVID-19 cases here by occupation? We have not seen anything like that. If there is, it needs to be made public and reviewed.
  • Construction companies here are required to notify Austin Public Health if any worker on a jobsite informs them they have COVID-19 regardless of where the infection occurred, including at home or elsewhere. Because contractors are following this City rule, it may seem that construction is a hotspot versus other occupations operating without this reporting requirement.
  • Commercial builders are continuing to follow City rules currently in effect. This week we are even distributing extra hand sanitizer to jobsites in need of it. It's also important to note that construction jobsites are limited access not open to the general public, and workers on site are screened every day for health issues.
Last, we want to recognize and thank every construction professional who has stepped up and worked tirelessly to keep building Austin safely.  Many firms participated in the national AGC Safety Stand Down on April 9 and continue to work on the jobsite front lines to screen workers for health issues and deter the spread of the virus in our community. Our industry has a proud tradition of rising to meet the challenges of our time, and the way we have been able to balance both lives and livelihoods during this pandemic reflects the "can do" spirit of every man and woman who puts on a hardhat to work and get things done.  

As always, p lease contact Austin AGC President  Phil Thoden  or Safety Director  Michael Welvaert  with any questions or requests for assistance.   


Phil Thoden
President and CEO
Austin AGC