Instructor: Steve Hiner
Module One:
The 8 hour scaffold "Competent Person" course provides detailed instruction in scaffold hazard recognition and common safety issues including a thorough discussion of OSHA regulations, manufacturers' recommended assembly instructions, and the topics required by 29CFR1926.454 for the following types of scaffolding: Frame, Tube & Coupler, System, and Rolling Towers. Some of the topics include foundations, fall protection, falling object protection, stability tying, planking, safe access, loading, and step-by-step assembly procedures.
The purpose of this course of instruction is to provide scaffold erectors, inspectors, and users with the regulations, safety guidelines, and procedures needed to recognize and eliminate hazards in the field.
Enabling objectives include specifying the General Requirements for Frame, Tube and Clamp and System Scaffolding; Determining the specific safety rules and steps associated with the Erection of Frame, Tube and Clamp, and System Scaffolding. Identifying the major items to consider when performing a scaffold inspection is also covered. As well as specifying the major elements of OSHA's Regulation 29 CFR Subpart L-Scaffolding.

Module Two:
Day of Hands On Training: Outside in the scaffold yard and/or warehouse, erecting and dismantling Frame, Tube and Clamp, System, and Rolling Tower Scaffolding.

Module Three:
Day of scaffold Design & Loading, Weight Calculations, Calculating Loads and Material, Typical Allowable Loads and Material Take-off for Frame, Tube and Clamp, System, and Rolling Tower Scaffolding.

Thank you for providing the scaffolding! 
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