AGENDA = Circle the Wagons + Stick Heads in Sand + Ignore the Disaster

Aloha Republicans:
Let's cut right to the chase.  Mark your calendar for TOMORROW, December 17th.  By noon tomorrow, the Hawaii GOP will be officially dead.  Cause of death:  SUICIDEDiagnosisComplacency, Incompetence, Unwillingness to Fight Democrats, Severe Evidence of Liberalism, and consumption of Cult Leader Miriam Hellreich's Kool-Aid administered over the course of nearly two decades.
That's right.  Tomorrow (Saturday) is the BIG DAY.  The funeral will be held at 725 Kapiolani Boulevard starting at 10am.  However, instead of calling it a 'funeral', it's being called the "State Committee Meeting".
Yes, after nearly six months of utter neglect during an election year, several dozen of Hawaii's top GOP party leaders are FINALLY gathering in one place for an actual meeting of RINO's.  [Apparently, these 'leaders' didn't know that Hawaii's General Election was held last month and the Primary Election took place three months before that.]
Quick, just pretend for one moment  
that YOU are one of the 75 people who run the Hawaii Republican Party.  Okay . . .
QUESTION :  What's the single most important thing you'd think they'd talk about after losing every campaign by GOP challengers in 2016 and losing one-fourth of the elected Republicans in Hawaii (including Sam Slom)?
ANSWER :  Right!!  An Autopsy of what happened (or didn't happen), of course!!  You could call it an 'after-action review' or 'an investigation' or 'a post-mortem' or anything else you want.  The point would be to spend many hours -- if not days or weeks -- drilling down with determination to find out what went wrong.
GUESS WHAT??    It's not going to happen.  Several anonymous members of the state committee from across the islands shared tomorrow's agenda with HIRA so that we could share it with you.
You already know that HIRA does not mince words - either about Democrats or RINO's.  The agenda for this weekend's gathering of the RINO "State Committee" of the Hawaii GOP is sick, shameless, dishonest, and delusional.
As you can see, these people are not even remotely interested in learning from the mistakes of 2015-2016.  See for yourself.  Here's tomorrow's agenda which party empress Miriam Hellreich authorized puppet chairman Fritz Rohlfing to authorize puppet secretary Boyd Not-So-Ready to distribute just hours before this weekend's meeting of the Hawaii GOP State Committee.

Talk about going through the motions!!!   Not only are party leaders going through the motions with a bare bones series of perfunctory announcements and reports.  They plan to stop any and all business after just two hours so they can eat a Christmas buffet.
Notice you won't find any part of the meager 2 hour agenda (followed by buffet lunch) including sections like "Where Did We Go Wrong?" or "Why Do We Keep Losing?" or "Where Did Hundreds of Thousands of Donor Dollars Go?"
CONTEST :  You can win an IHOP gift card from HIRA right now if you can spot any reference in tomorrow's State Committee agenda to an autopsy and a formal discussion of what went wrong in 2015-2016.  If you see something on the agenda that escaped our notice, just e-mail HIRA at with your winning entry by 10am on Monday, December 19, 2016.  No purchase necessary.  Need not be present to win.  Winner(s) will be notified by e-mail.
Fellow Republicans.  They are circling the wagons.  The very RINO's and closet Democrats who have seized control of our party now refuse to even talk about how badly they messed up.  This is their official agenda.  They are meeting for the first time as party leaders in nearly six months.  But they are whistling past the graveyard instead, drinking Hellreich's Kool-Aid at New Jonestown on Kapiolani Boulevard.
But HIRA is not surprised.  These are the same people who didn't even bother to investigate or discuss why things went so badly in 2014, 2012, 2010, and so on.
If you're just catching on, this is business as usual at the Hawaii GOP.  They are in no rush to fix things.  With their heads deep in the sands of Kakaako, party leaders plan to get up, dust themselves off and pretend that nothing happened.  These State Committee cowards are essentially sneaking in a required quarterly meeting under the rules without even trying to provide donors and party members with any answers . . . bailing after a couple of short hours just in time to gobble down some lunch, then get back to Christmas shopping.
These are the people who run OUR PARTY .   Miriam Hellreich plus the ten other state executive officers, the five county chairs, the 51 district chairs, three of the surviving members of the state house (who didn't lose in 2016), and some auxiliary members . . . all under the mind control of Empress Miriam HellreichThese are approximately 75 people who OUGHT TO answer for how poorly they did in a year when Republicans did well in every other state -- BUT WON'T.
Is it any wonder why the Hawaii GOP is in a distant second place in Hawaii politics?  To find more RINO's, you'd surely need to go on safari in Africa.
Fellow Republicans, after a two decade long losing streak which continued this year, we deserve a deep and detailed accounting explaining how we went from: (1) Rohlfing's predictions of picking up seats in 2016 to; (2) Rohlfing's merely clinging to a few seats in the legislature by 'protecting incumbents' to; (3) Rohlfing's spectacular loss of 25% of elected Republicans and losing 100% of GOP challenger races plus one defector who lost.  Yes, we deserve answers!!
FYI, some other things they are refusing to talk about tomorrow:
  • Resignation and/or Firing of these failed party officers;
  • Termination of traitorous members like Kym Pine who supported and donated to multiple Democrats in 2016.
But, hey, do you know what they ARE discussing tomorrow?  CHARGING DUES TO ALL PARTY MEMBERS.  Yes, these RINO's are so desperate for money -- due to their repeated failures (at the polls and on the issues), their twisted priorities (like $15,000 per month overhead and nothing to help candidates win) and their disgusting record of financial corruption -- that they want to start charging people LIKE YOU actual money for 'dues' just to belong their dying organization.  Sorry, RINO's, that's like expecting people to pay to see a movie which got horrible reviews -or- expecting folks to pay to eat at a restaurant where customers have been getting food poisoning -or- expecting people to join a gym with rusty equipment and unhealthy looking trainers.  These 'party leaders' are absolutely kidding themselvesJust more evidence that they need to thrown out.
Shameless and dishonest barely begins to describe the RINO leaders of the Hawaii Republican Party??  After not even bothering to meet in almost six months and deliberately allowing Democrats to walk all over Republicans and flush away two years of wasted political opportunities, they refuse to assess what went wrong.
Can you seriously imagine meeting for a mere couple of hours after two long, painful years of political failure as a state party and not even scheduling 60 seconds to talk about what the hell happened in 2016?  No desire to review the failed strategy, the broken promises, the empty platitudes, the wasted money, the battlefield carnage, etc.  Not enough honor to know they should resign immediatelyMy friends, that's why the entire party leadership needs to go.

The 2018 campaign started five weeks ago, but our party's state committee won't even be meeting again for three months or so.  Yet Democrats statewide are already preparing their assault on our six remaining elected Republicans while our party leaders nonchalantly kick the can down the road.

BOTTOM LINE:  Until the party is under new management , your ticket purchases and donations to the Hawaii GOP might as well be made directly to Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the local Ige, Caldwell, Hirono and Hanabusa campaigns.


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