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Spinning a Canadian arctic yarn
Nunavut Qiviut marketing boils down to "place and promotion" to increase sales

Location north of the tree line and inside the Arctic Circle within an arctic desert presents a most challenging barrier for a small business dependent upon sales for growth below latitude 66.6 degrees N. Shipping goods from Kugluktuk and receiving supplies is very expensive by air and water. There are no roads connecting the closest settlements.

Grant Lee of AGL Marketing was selected by the company, Nunavut Qiviut through Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO) to  assist the small business i n increasing capacity of management and leadership abilities; marketing and sales mentoring in strategy and tactics; mentoring in developing customer and business partnerships and retail customer acquisition; and mentoring in business growth and streamlining.

The Selfie
Micro and small business entrepreneurs who begin to market themselves early have a definite advantage over those who don't.

(4 minutes)  When the decision is taken to start a business, most entrepreneurs have little more than a product or service that they believe someone will buy, a support network of friends and family, prospective buyers, and a little cash and equipment to invest in product/service development and a place to sell. What most overlook is the most powerful marketing asset of a start-up; the personal brand of the business owner/principal.

The purpose of marketing oneself is to identify, create and sustain competitive advantage. Self becomes an "engineered product," not a commodity.

Avoid them if you can - but if you must compete for work with a proposal consider this...

(8 minutes) In the opinion of this consulting professional marketer who has competed for work using solicited and unsolicited proposals on behalf of employers and clients for over 40 years, in most instances, proponents have little understanding of the terms of reference and are shopping for the lowest fee. Professional services are viewed as a commodity and little else. Avoid an RFP if you can. If you are seeking something with an unsolicited proposal, unless the outcome is essentially pre-determined, be prepared for a long process.

Grant Lee takes on the challenges of Registrar of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario - and Editor of The Chartered Professional Marketer

Grant Lee is Registrar of CIMMO, responsible for managing the records of applicants for  membership, the Chartered Professional Marketer designation, and  awarding membership certifications.

Serving as Editor of CIMMO's e-news, "Chartered Professional Marketer," Lee is responsible for publication and distribution of four Issues annually and the cont ent. Members only can publish in Chartered Professional Marketer. Content includes, technical and academic papers, industry issues, and industry applications of tactics and strategy.

Anyone interested in membership in a professional, "chartered" marketing institute, contact Grant Lee at [email protected]. See the membership requirements and application at  cimmo.org/membership

Professional credentials reinforce your marketing experience and corporate position across Canada and internationally.  Marketing is an investment in the success of an organization, and professional credentials are an investment in a life-long career.
The CA14 connection
Experience and Capacity Building

AGL Marketing Limited combined strengths, creativity and resources with the CA14 T eam to bring a new level of service excellence on a global scale to a wider range of clients. C ombined portfolios ensure high-level strategic marketing and communications solutions for micro and small to medium-sized enterprises.

See the CA14 brochure that summarizes the CA14 team and the services that help many companies improve their market share.

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Marketing is not an expense. It is an investment in the future of your organization.