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Members InfoNet                                     May 25, 2017
AGM's Members' InfoNet showcases upcoming programs, the good works of philanthropy in our region, highlights the efforts of AGM members, and provides philanthropic resources to the sector. Please share your organization's news with Gail Pinkham, AGM's senior director of communications.
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
11:30pm - 1:30pm 

Location: Associated Grant Makers, 133 Federal St., Suite 802, Boston, MA

The Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC) held its first funder's briefing in 2014.  During this briefing, Mary E. McClymont, President of the Public Welfare Foundation, shared her foundation's efforts in enlisting other philanthropic partners to address the many crises faced by poor people concerning their health, their safety, and their livelihood.  This program raised the realization that some of the funders were not aware of how civil legal aid works and, more important, how it can leverage funds and expands impact.  At the same time, MLAC learned from funders the importance of demonstrating how legal aid helps people avoid homelessness due to eviction and foreclosure, helps them escape abusive domestic partners, and helps them with other civil legal issues.

Expanding on learning from its previous funder briefing, MLAC has convened a panel of legal aid service providers to increase funders' knowledge and understanding of civil legal aid and ultimately to engage new partners/collaborators in meeting the needs of poor people.
The moderated conversation and presentation will demonstrate past examples and best practices of foundation success in funding civil legal aid, and then will transform into an open format Q&A to discover more opportunities for collaboration and learning in the realm of civil legal aid.
Financial Statements 2.0
Thursday, June 8, 2017
Location: Associated Grant Makers, 133 Federal St., Suite 802 Boston, MA
REGISTRATION FULL - Sign up for waitlist
Financial statements and disclosures provide a wealth of information about a nonprofit organization. Many analysts focus their attention on the "numbers" parts of the financial statements, but do not spend enough time reading the footnotes. Before you dive into analyzing the numbers it is important to understand the accounting principles used to prepare the financial statements. This workshop will also go more in depth than our introductory Financial Statements workshop. Participants will work in small groups to analyze 990s of non-profit organizations.
AGM's 48th Annual Meeting June 13th  POSTPONED

AGM is postponing our Annual Meeting to a date later in 2017. Given this is a particularly busy time of year with a high number of events and programs in the community, we have decided to delay our annual meeting and allow for more planning to bring you a highly engaging and thoughtful program. If you were saving the original date of June 13, please take advantage of the "found time"!
In the meantime, please join us for another AGM program before then (see our Events listings), and look for an announcement of a new Annual Meeting date in the near future! Thank you.
Community Foundation Boot Camp- Boston
Monday & Tuesday, August 29-30, 2017
8:00am - 5:00pm

Location: Federal Reserve Plaza, 600 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA

The two-day Community Foundation Boot Camp program offers a comprehensive overview of the structure and operations  of a community foundation.  It is an ideal in-depth introduction to community foundations for new community foundation staff, community foundation board members, or other community foundation staff looking for a good refresher.  Topics covered include:
  • History, purpose
  • Board governance
  • Gifts and funds
  • Asset development
  • Grantmaking
  • Community leadership
  • Finance and investments
  • Legal Issues
  • Operational sustainability
  • Lifecycles of community foundations
The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers is pleased to offer this program at a member rate to any community foundation that is a member of one of the  Forum's Regional Association m embers . The training will be provided by our colleagues at the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (IPA).  IPA, thanks to ongoing support from Lilly Endowment Inc., offers a training and technical assistance program for community foundations, known as GIFT, and has a comprehensive curriculum and experienced trainers.
Hot Topics in Nonprofit Management & Philanthropy
from Bay Path University with 
Amy Sample Ward, CEO of The Nonprofit Technology Network
June 9, 2017
Meeting Your Mission Through Integrated Communications Strategy  Breakfast Seminar (before the workshop)
7:30am- 9:30am at Blake Student Commons

Community-Driven Communications Workshop
10:00am - 12:00am at Wright Hall,
Breck Suite

This hands-on workshop is designed to teach you the building blocks of
community-driven communication strategies and provide  templates and plans that you can complete and implement with your  organization. We will cover community mapping, content mapping,  segmentation, and campaign planning.
BEF Meeting: Boston's summer learning approach to social-emotional skills
June 13, 2017, 10:30am - 12:00pm
AGM, 133 Federal St., Suite 802, Boston, MA
BEF will look at Boston's summer learning approach to helping young people develop social-emotional skills and capacities. The group will discuss the findings of a multi-year,   multi-site RAND study of summer initiatives, including Boston After School & Beyond, BPS and community partners. And, also discuss Boston-based SEL efforts that span the school year.
Speakers include:
  • Amalio Nieves, Assistant Superintendent for Social Emotional Learning and Wellness, Boston Public Schools
  • Toni Wiley, Executive Director, Sportsmen's Tennis & Enrichment Center
  • Chris Smith, President and Executive Director, Boston After School & Beyond
Please note this meeting is a departure fro BEF's usual location as TBF is preparing to move its offices to the third floor. This meeting will be held at AGM, 133 Federal Street, Suite 802, Boston, MA 02110. 
Leadership Symposium on Philanthropy and Inclusion
June 12-14, 2017, Washington, D.C.
Join colleagues from the Gates and Ford Foundations at the upcoming Leadership Symposium on Philanthropy and Inclusion. 
Twenty percent of our nation's population has a disability, and people with disabilities are twice as likely as people without disabilities to be unemployed and live below the poverty line. During the Symposium, leaders in philanthropy will discuss how our grant-making practices can ensure that this population is no longer a segregated class, excluded from educational, economic, and community participation. It will be an opportunity to hear about current challenges and generate innovative and impactful solutions. The Symposium will feature world-renowned experts in disability, philanthropy, and social justice.  Speakers include Richard Marriott, Chairman of the Board of Host Hotels and Resorts, Tim Shriver, Chairman of the Special Olympics, and Sandy Cardin, President of the Schusterman Foundation. 
For more information and to register, please email   Dr. Miriam Heyman, Ruderman Family Foundation Program Officer.
Social Impact Exchange 2017 Conference on Scaling Impact June 14-15, New York City
Don't miss AGM's deep discount to the Social Impact Exchange's June 2017 Annual Conference (regular price is $1,695; those who say they were invited by AGM only pay $895). The 2017 Conference on Scaling Impact is for foundation officers, philanthropists, corporate executives, trustees, and wealth managers and philanthropy advisors interested in learning about innovative methods to support high-impact nonprofits in education, youth development, poverty alleviation, health and impact investing. The conference includes presentations from foundation CEOs and nonprofit leaders, as well as knowledge sessions and peer networking opportunities.

To receive your discount, visit and click the "Register" button. During the registration process:
  • When asked who you were invited by, select: AGM
  • When prompted, use discount code: coinviter7102
Space is limited so we encourage you to register soon. Any questions should be sent to Stephanie Thomas, , or call 212-551-1148 .
Bromelkamp Camp Software at a Glance Webinar
June 16, 2017, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Discount for AGM Members
Join the staff at Bromelkamp to learn about how their software solutions facilitate the work of more than 200 grantmakers internationally, including private and family foundations, public and community foundations, corporate giving programs and more. They will review their fully-integrated software solutions, which include tools for contacts tracking/CRM, and grant and scholarship management, as well as fundraising/donor management and fund accounting (optional). AGM Members receive 5% discount on and Pearl grants management software for private/family, public/community or corporate foundations.
Grantmakers in Health Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy
June 21, 2017, Sheraton Boston Hotel
Grantmakers In Health has issued a special invitation for AGM members to register for one of four skill-building workshops listed below at their Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy: 
  • Building Community Health and Wealth: How Best to Combine Grantmaking, Impact Investing, and Operational Assets
  • Healthy Communities Through a Healthy Democracy: Why Civic Engagement Matters
  • Forging a Communications Narrative to Move Forward on Health Care Coverage and Access
  • Sharpening Your Grantmaking Skills: Proposal Review and Analysis

It's a great lineup! This offer is open only to grantmakers and philanthropic advisors. If your organization is a  GIH Funding Partner, register here . If your organization is not a GIH Funding Partner, register here .

Grant Maker/Grant Recipient Dialogue on Nonprofit Data
and Evaluation
June 20, 2017, 8:30am - 12:00pm

Location: NonProfit Center, 89 South St., Boston, MA
Tech Networks of Boston, Third Sector New England, and Essential Partners invite you to participate in this unique program on June 20th.

This morning of dialogue will include small group conversations in a safe-enough atmosphere designed to clarify perspectives and surface areas of agreement and difference.  It will be an opportunity for a limited number of grant makers and grant recipients to have a fresh, new, deeper conversation about these complex and challenging issues. It will NOT be the typical panel discussion with a Q & A period. Instead, this session will include an equal number of grant makers and grant recipients, who will engage in candid dialogue.

Dave Joseph , senior associate at Essential Partners will be the facilitator. as the " Public Conversations Project ."

This session will be the first of a series of three dialogues and will help shape the remaining two.  Please RSVP before May 12th and contact Deborah Elizabeth Finn with any questions.
Family Foundation Webinar Series for AGM Members
Join colleagues from across the Midwest and beyond for four webinars designed for staff and/or trustees affiliated with non- or small-staffed family foundations eager to find new ways of thinking smarter and performing better when it comes to their grantmaking. Programs include the following:
This webinar series is presented in collaboration with Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (IPA), Philanthropy Ohio (POH), Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF) and Minnesota Council on Foundations (MCF). Together, these regional associations hope to harness and share the collective expertise of each state's leading philanthropic organizations and trusted community partners. 

To register: Set up an account with the Council of Michigan Foundation to purchase the webinars you wish to view. 
Nashoba Valley Community Healthcare Fund Awards multiple
health-related grants
The Greater Lowell Community Foundation  and the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts awarded 14 grants, from the Nashoba Valley Community Healthcare Fund, to help improve the health of residents in 13 area communities.  "The volunteer grant committee once again did a wonderful job prioritizing these important grants for the community," said Jay Linnehan, executive director of the Greater Lowell Community Foundation "These grants will help improve people's health in the Nashoba region," said Phil Grzewinski, president of the Community Foundation of North Central MassachusettsRecipients of the grants were selected by the Fund Advisory Committee, comprised of local leaders in business, health care and education. 
Phillip González Joins Tufts Health Plan Foundation
Tufts Health Plan Foundation announced Phillip González has joined the Foundation as its new senior program officer overseeing community investments.  González is a national leader in health philanthropy with experience leading innovative initiatives whose demonstrated impact on health and health care policy have led to great outcomes for community. In his new role, González will work in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island to advance the Foundation's focus on age-friendly communities.
 "Phillip brings deep knowledge, insight, passion, and commitment to his new role at the Foundation," said Nora Moreno Cargie, president of Tufts Health Plan Foundation and vice president of corporate citizenship for Tufts Health Plan." 
The 2015 Tracking Report (2017) explores the scope and character of foundation funding for LGBTQ issues in the calendar year 2015 and is the most comprehensive assessment of LGBTQ funding available. In 2015, funding for LGBTQ issues reached a record high of $160.7 million. The report notes significant increases in funding for trans communities, grantmaking to address criminalization and criminal justice reform, and support for LGBTQ communities in the U.S. South. The report finds the overall field of LGBTQ philanthropy widening slightly to include a larger number of funders. However, growth slowed to less than 5 percent - as opposed to nearly 20 percent growth noted in the 2014 Tracking Report - on account of several core funders decreasing the depth of their support for LGBTQ issues.
The Women and Giving new study details the results of a survey of 3,200 donors who answered substantive questions regarding their outlook on and engagement with giving. The results compare giving between generations of women - specifically, between Millennials and Baby Boomers - and how women overall compare with men. This report also takes a more detailed look at the various ways women approach giving, from the advice they seek to the confidence they feel about the decisions involved-including researching charities and determining how much to give. 
Members InfoNet will feature a nonprofit organization that is demonstrating an impact in our community. The goal is to bridge connections between nonprofit organizations and grantmakers by sharing stories of work being done throughout our region.  
Timothy Smith Network
What impact is your organization having in Massachusetts?
The Timothy Smith Network (TSN) is a member organization established to build the capacity of Greater Roxbury's Timothy Smith Centers. The mission of the TSN is to increase the capacity of the Greater Roxbury community residents of Boston to effectively use and access technology by providing technology-related services, educational programs and resources as well as strengthening and supporting the individual Timothy Smith Centers. As of 2016 there are 27 active Timothy Smith (TS) Centers. Timothy Smith Centers provide comprehensive community-based technology education services to children, adults, families, adults, and senior citizens.

Timothy Smith Centers provide open access to technology and the Internet for many residents. The agencies in which the Timothy Smith Centers are located address a broad range of economic, therapeutic, health, educational, job training, human and social services needs of the community. The TSN strengthens the TS Centers by assisting them to implement strategies for developing and sustaining their operations and for improving the efficiency, scale and quality of their programs.  Since TSN's inception in 2003, the organization has worked in conjunction with the TS Centers, and has provided upwards of 1,394,263 hours of technology classes and services to more than 52,142 residents of Boston.
During 2014-2015 alone, over 22,291 students came to TS Centers for open access, STEM programs in out-of-school time settings, basic technology classes, and job readiness training through the TSN's Online Learning Readiness Programs.  TSN is partners with Bunker Hill Community College and together they offer college credit courses at TS Centers and run classes leading to Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.

What is the one thing you wish everyone knew about your organization? 
The Timothy Smith Network provides the opportunity for those, in the minority community to succeed in the world of technology, not only through the deployment of technology, but through the deployment of the services and programs to leverage technology with the community.  Today TSN maintains 27 different technology centers, and all of these centers run differently, but they are all focused on leveraging and infusing that technology into service models.  TSN recognizes that it's not the technology alone that will make a difference, what will make a difference is the instructional design around how we blend the technology into a service offering.

What is the most rewarding part of the work your organization does?
TSN works with a broad range of agencies where our 27 Centers are located (educational organizations, therapeutic, economic, health, educational, training of many kinds including workforce training and development, human and social service agencies), all of whom provide the knowledge, equipment, and design to help individuals be able to service the community more effectively and to be serviced by the community in ways they never thought possible.

What is your organization's greatest asset?
TSN recognizes that we maintain the ability to change life for the Greater Roxbury community.  For instance, we have brought to the forefront equitable access to technology and STEM education.  TSN and its TS Centers and programs, are very laser focused, as innovators in how we infuse technology and the opportunities it can provide.  Being able to provide STEM education allows people in our community the opportunity to become a part of what's happening - to be a part of the conversation across the board, and not to be overlooked.  
In general terms however, our greatest assets/abilities revolve around:
* Coordinating the purchase of equipment and supplies for all of the 27 TS
* Securing operational funding in support of a myriad of programming
occurring and that are in the planning stages for the 27 TS Centers.
* Developing, procuring, and implementing innovative technology-focused  programs and classes that need the needs of the community residents.

What are three words you would use to describe your organization?
Technology, Progressive, Inclusive.
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Shippy Foundation
New Logo
In April the Summer Fund successfully completed another year of the Teen Leadership Institute (TLI). Five years ago, the Summer Fund,   Boston Private Industry Council (PIC), Hale Reservation and Bank of America joined forces to provide leadership training to prepare Boston teens for employment as camp counselors in the summer months. This year over the course of three days last week,144 students took part in trainings at Hale Reservation.

Teens had the opportunity to participate in workshops designed to prepare them for jobs as camp counselors. Workshops included: creating a positive camp culture, managing campers' behavior, a high/low ropes challenge course, and new this year, mock interviews facilitated by volunteers. The goal was to provide teens with more tools as they enter the workforce, many for the first time, and to be more prepared for their summer job as a counselor.

Doug Sutherland, year round camp director of Camp Starfish , has been a facilitator at the Institute since its inaugural year of 2013. When you're conversing with Doug you feel his passion-he genuinely enjoys training folks to work with kids. His investment and passion in the Teen Leadership Institute goes much deeper. Most of the students participating in TLI are individuals of color. Being a facilitator at TLI exposes these Boston teens to a strong role model like Doug, an African-American man that has been incredibly successful in the camp arena.

Doug shared that he sees black youth attending camp and serving as camp counselors during the summer and then doesn't see them after that. He hopes to empower young black men and women to explore the camp world as an employment opportunity. Doug will join the American Camping Association board of directors this year, where he hopes to continue this conversation. The Summer Fund Teen Leadership Institute is grateful we have Doug and the many other facilitators and volunteers invested in the future of our young people.

Contact Molly Walsh for more information.
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Barr Foundation 

Nellie Mae Education Foundation
Program Officer, Education Capacity

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Greater Lowell Community Foundation
Women Working Wonders Fund
Deadline: June 14, 2017

The mission of Women Working Wonders Fund a component fund of the Greater Lowell Community Foundation is to fund programs that empower women and girls to effect positive change in the community. Founded and funded by women in 2004, the Women Working Wonders Fund provides grants each year to nonprofit organizations for programs that impact the lives of women and girls in one or more of the three key areas: Transition, Leadership Development, and Environmental Beautification.
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