AGUA Masters Newsletter
First Open Water Swim of 2022
Join us for our first open water swim of 2022!
Make sure to sign up before registration closes on Friday, July 8 at 12pm. We can't wait to see you out there!

  • Saturday, July 9 will focus on skills and acclimation 
  • Sunday, July 10 will be a longer swim for those familiar with open water swimming

  • Meet at 9:45am 
  • Swim at 10am 

Meeting location:
  • Covered area across the boardwalk from Volna Cafe at 3145 Brighton Fourth St., New York, NY. View on Google Maps here
  • Directions via subway: Q train to Brighton Beach.

What to bring:
  • Bright-colored caps, mirrored goggles, sunscreen, Vaseline and/or Body Glide®, water bottle, towel, and swimsuit.
  • A wetsuit or neoprene shorts are optional.
In observance of Independence Day, Asphalt Green will be open from 8am to 1pm tomorrow, July 4.

We will forgo practice on July 4, 2022.

We hope you all have a safe holiday!
Training Tip
Travel Friendly Dryland Workout

When traveling, you may not have access to a pool or enough room in your luggage to pack equipment. However, you can still get in a great workout. Try the following in your room or outdoors!

  • Warmup
  • Jog in place (50 steps)
  • Inner feet tap (10 reps) — While standing, bend over and tap the inner sides of your feet.
  • Outer feet tap (10 reps) — While standing, bend over and tap the outer sides of your feet.
  • Hamstring swoop (10 reps) — While standing, place one leg out in front of you so that your heel is pressed on the ground and your toes point up. Lean into your extended leg, sweep your hands across the ground, and come back up.
  • Frankenstein (10 reps altogether) — While standing, swing your left leg straight forward and touch your toes with your right hand. Repeat the movement with your right leg and left hand.
  • Knee circles (five reps per knee) — While standing, draw a circle in the air with your left knee, then with your right knee.
  • Windmill (10 reps altogether) — With your arms extended to the sides and your legs shoulder-width apart, bend forward and reach for your left foot with your right hand, then raise yourself back up. Repeat the movement with the opposite leg and hand.
  • Inchworm (five reps altogether) — From standing, bend forward at the hips and walk your hands out to get into a plank position position, then walk your hands back to return to a standing position.
  • Arm circles (10 reps) — With your arms extended to the sides, draw circles in the air with your hands.

  • Set One (Two rounds; rest 10 seconds between each exercise and a full minute between rounds)
  • Jog in place (20 seconds)
  • High knees (20 seconds) — Jog in place and bring each knee as close to your torso as you can, quickly alternating between legs.
  • Squat (20 seconds; twice through) — With your legs shoulder-width apart, lower yourself as if sitting in a chair, then stand back up.
  • Jumping jacks (20 seconds; twice through)
  • Bicycle crunches (20 seconds; twice through) — Lying on your back, extend your right leg out straight a few inches off the floor. Lift your left leg and bend your knee towards your chest. Then, lift your upper body so that your right side meets your bent left knee. Alternate between leg positions with every upper body lift.
  • Burpees (20 seconds) — From standing, squat down and place the palms of your hands on the floor in front of you and jump your feet back into a push-up position. Jump your feet back toward your hands, return to the squat position, then jump straight up with your arms extended overhead for one rep.

  • Set Two (Two rounds; rest 10 seconds between each exercise and a full minute between rounds)
  • Push-ups (20 seconds)
  • Plank with shoulder taps (20 seconds) — From standing, crouch down, and walk your hands out to get into a plank position. Tap each shoulder with the opposite hand, then hold the plank position.
  • Lunges (20 seconds)While standing, step forward with your right leg and bend it to lower your left knee to the ground, then return to the starting position. Start with your right leg in the first round and your left leg in the second round.
  • Side-step planks (20 seconds) — In the plank position, step your left foot to the left and your right foot to the right, then come back in.
  • Shoulder press (20 seconds) — While standing, raise your arms up straight, then lower them to form a 90 degree angle at your elbows.
  • High knees (20 seconds)

  • Set Three (Three rounds; rest a full minute between rounds)
  • Leg raises (20 reps) — While lying on your back, raise your legs together to form a 90 degree angle with your body, then lower them.
  • Straight-leg sit-ups (20 reps) — While lying down with your legs extended, place your right leg on top of your left leg. Lift your upper body to a sitting position, then lower yourself back down.
  • Straight-leg sit-ups (20 reps) — Repeat the previous move with your left leg on top of your right leg.
  • Flutter kicks (40 reps) — While lying on your back, lift one leg and lower the other in a rapid, alternating fashion.
Travel Friendly Swim Workout

If you have access to a pool and want to get in a quick workout, try out the following! You don’t have to do the whole thing. Do the parts that best fit your schedule.

  • Warmup (Set yards: 800)
  • 800 broken up as 200 swim / 200 kick / 200 pull / 200 swim 

  • Pre-set (Set yards: 1,400)
  • Two rounds through (choice of stroke per round) 
  • 4 x 50 — 25 head-up swim / 25 distance per stroke at 0:50 / 1:00 / 1:15 
  • 4 x 25 kick at 0:30 / 0:35 / 0:45 
  • 2 x 100 free (smooth) at 1:30/1:40/ 2:00 
  • 200 — 50 stroke / 25 free at 2:40 / 2:55 / 3:20 

  • Main set (Set yards: 1,000)
  • Two rounds through 
  • 5 x 100 at 1:35 / 1:50 / 2:20 
  • 100 free 
  • 25 stroke / 75 free 
  • 50 stroke / 50 free 
  • 75 stroke / 25 free 
  • 100 stroke 

  • Cooldown (Set yards: 300)
  • 300 easy swim
Asphalt Green is a nonprofit. When you participate in our programs, you stand with Asphalt Green to provide free sports and fitness opportunities for underserved New Yorkers.