Newsletter: January 1, 2023
Our practices at the Upper East Side campus will be short course yards until further notice. We appreciate your patience and hope to return to long course meters soon.
Save the Date for our New Year Intrasquad Meet

Welcome to the new year — we have several exciting events coming up, including our next intrasquad meet!

Some of us are returning from holiday travel or from having spent time away from the pool, so we’ll take the first few weeks to reset our foundation. We expect these drills to get us back up to speed just in time for an intrasquad meet, Saturday, February 11 from 6am to 8am at the Upper East Side campus!

Look out for more information, including a sign-up form, in the near future.
Training Tips
If you have any swim workouts you've done or would like to share, we’d love to highlight them! Submit your workouts to Coach Jim at [email protected].
Dryland Workout

We hope you enjoyed the holidays and are well rested (and ready to get back into the water). For those that need a New Year's Day workout, here's one you can try at home with just a resistance band or no equipment at all.

  • Warmup (Two rounds straight through; 0:30 for each exercise with 0:30 rest after the second round)
  • March in place
  • Butt kickers (easy)
  • Side lunges
  • Squats
  • Inchworms
  • High knees

  • Main set (Two rounds as 0:40 on / 0:20 off)
  • Jumping jacks
  • Three squat pulses, then a squat jump
  • Lunges:
  • Right leg: front lunge, side lunge, reverse lunge
  • Left leg: front lunge, side lunge, reverse lunge
  • Downward dogs, then a pushup
  • 1:00 rest

  • Secondary set (Two rounds as 0:40 on / 0:20 off)
  • Mountain climbers
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Squat hold, then alternating side lunges
  • Side planks:
  • Right side
  • Left side
  • Burpees
Swim Workout

For those that are able to find extra time to swim, check out the following pool workout. Please note, these intervals are for short course yards but feel free to adjust as necessary.

  • Warmup (Set yards: 1,000)
  • 400 swim
  • 6 x 50 kick 0:10 rest
  • 4 x 75 IMO drill

  • Pre-set (Three rounds; Set yards: 1,500)
  • 4 x 50 (at a 200 pace) at 0:50
  • 200 pull at 2:45
  • 100 IM at 1:45

  • Main set (Three rounds; Set yards: 1,500)
  • 6 x 25 (choice of stroke) at 0:30
  • 3 x 75 freestyle at 1:05
  • 125 IM with 50 yards of the same stroke at 2:00
Asphalt Green is a nonprofit. When you participate in our programs, you stand with Asphalt Green to provide free sports and fitness opportunities for underserved New Yorkers.

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