AGUA Masters Weekly Newsletter
A Note from Coach John
In the last several months, AGUA Masters has added over 50 new swimmers to our ranks. Many of them come from a lifelong background of competitive swimming; others are completely new to the sport. That said, I thought now would be a good time to talk about practice etiquette. Swimming is a lot like driving, cycling, or walking, there are rules of the road. Broadly speaking, these rules are all about being considerate to your teammates.

I hope you find these 10 practice guidelines helpful, whether it's a familiar reminder or the first time you are seeing them. If you have any questions, my door is always open. Please feel free to email me at [email protected].

See you at the pool,

–Coach John
10 Rules for Swim Practice
1. Don’t push off right before a swimmer comes in to turn.

If you push off right when another swimmer is coming into the wall to make a turn, it means that the other swimmer will push off either, (a) right beside you, or (b) on top of or below you. This is dangerous.

2. Cross the T to turn.

When you swim into the wall, cross into the center of the lane and turn in the middle of the wall so that you have less distance to travel to get to the other side of the lane. At a busy practice, chances are good that a teammate will be on your heels. Turning in the center of the wall ensures that you do not push off directly into incoming swimmers.

3. Be aware of other swimmers' locations.

When you stop at the wall, look back to see where the next person is.

4. Give each other room.

Leave five seconds behind the swimmer ahead of you.

5. Stick to your lane's interval.

It doesn’t work if all the swimmers in a lane are not following the same interval. It can cause log jams and confusion. If you cannot execute the interval, it means you are not in the right lane.

6. Go in the right order.

If there are people faster than you, don’t go ahead of them. You will slow them down and impact their workout. Similarly, don’t have slower people go ahead of you. You will be on their heels the whole time.

7. Rest in the corners.

It’s normal to catch your breath and reset yourself mentally between reps and sets. Rest in the corners of the lane as close to the wall or lane rope as possible so that other swimmers can turn unobstructed.

8. Choose your lane by pace, not ego.

Challenge yourself by working hard in a lane that matches your speed, not by trying to keep up in a faster lane. If you have to wear fins to keep up, or stop frequently, you need to move to a slower lane. And that's okay.

9. Tap and pass.

When moving past slower swimmers, tap them once on the foot and speed up to pass them. If you are about to be passed, do not speed up. Stay to the side and allow the faster moving swimmer to pass on your left. Passing down the middle of the lane when it is busy runs the risk of head-on collisions.

10. If you don’t understand something, ask someone in your lane.

It's common for swimmers to miss an instruction and shout to the coach for clarification. Instead, ask someone nearby in your lane; it's easier, faster, and safer. If you find you often miss instructions, challenge yourself to pay better attention. And follow the golden rule of swimming and sports: don't talk while the coach is giving instructions!
TYR Last One Fast One

Do you know any events where you can race Masters swimmers across the country in your favorite pool, or open water events, swim as many times as you like, get awesome swag, and donate to adult learn-to-swim programs? We didn't think so—because there is no other event like this!
Whether you are missing your favorite meets or just looking for a fun way to rev your engine, join us for 2021 TYR Last One Fast One. This virtual event offers an opportunity to safely race in your favorite pool and open water events using the app. You can race as many times as you would like between April 16 and May 2.
$5 of your entry helps someone else learn the sport we all love through adult learn-to-swim grants supported by the USA Swimming Foundation (USASF). As an added bonus, USASF board member and USMS past president Jeff Moxie is matching all contributions made between March 25 and April 1 (up to $5,000)!
Stay tuned, in next week's newsletter, we will share which practices and lanes will be available for this event.

Male AGUA Swimmer
A Chilly Solution
Cold water swimming may help fight dementia.

Resent research on mice—and polar plungers in Britain—suggests swimming in cold water may have brain benefits including slowing age-related cognitive decline.

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A Few Reminders...
  • Save 30% on Personal Training – Take advantage of our ongoing discount for AGUA Masters swimmers. Trainers will collaborate with your coaches to build an individualized program designed to translate fitness center results into success in the pool. Email [email protected] to get started.

  • Team Unify Account Access – If you are having trouble accessing your TeamUnify account, please reach out to Coach John directly at [email protected].

  • Register for Practice –You may register for one swimming practice per day, at either Asphalt Green campus, up to two weeks in advance. Visit your campus website to book workouts today:
  • Upper East Side
  • Battery Park City
No Show Policy Effective April 15: If you accrue three no shows or late cancellations (within two hours of your reservation), your registration capabilities will be suspended for seven days. After seven days, you will be able to book a swim, fitness center, Masters, gymnasium, or group exercise session. After a third no show, every subsequent no show will result in a one-week suspension. All no-shows and late cancellations will reset quarterly. Though it will only be noted if you cancel within two hours of your reservation, Asphalt Green encourages 24 hours' notice for cancellations. Please note, you must cancel online or through the Asphalt Green app. The only exception is you must call your campus's main number if you need to cancel within two hours of your reservation.
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