AGUA Masters Weekly Newsletter
A Note from Coach John
I wanted to thank you all for the warm welcome I have received in my first couple of days here at Asphalt Green. There has been a lot to absorb; new city, new job, a new pattern of life. Perhaps the biggest change is that I have a new tribe to join. That is what a swim team is for me – a tribe. It is a group with shared history, language, and values. Each member makes a unique and valued contribution. I look forward to reaping the benefits of your unique contributions to this tribe, and I am excited to share mine with you.

Our challenge is sharing the value of fast swimming while understanding that we slow as we age. Time is not going to spare any of us in this regard. I am excited to contribute tools to help mitigate the march of time on our ability to swim. In particular, I am a believer in mechanical excellence. Technique is the one skill we can improve at any age. I like to use a combination of drills, video analysis, and one-on-one breakout sessions in the water. Strength training is another place where Masters swimmers can make improvements, and I hope to make an impact by introducing weekly sessions to the team. 

In these first several weeks you will see me in the water at practice, as well as on the deck. My goal is to learn what it means to be a member of the AGUA Masters tribe in the office, weight room, pool, and most importantly, on the deck. I look forward to getting to know you all.
Meet and Greet with Coach John
Join us after practice at our Upper East Side campus on Saturday, February 29 from 8:30am to 9:30am in Mazur Hall. Coach John will give a quick presentation over continental breakfast and coffee. 


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Upcoming Meets
2019-2020 Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series Meet No. 6

Need a meet to put a few times on the board before the state championship? Join us for a weekend getaway to historic Annapolis, MD. Race Sunday, March 15 at the Arundel Olympic Swim Center, 2690 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD.

2020 New York State Masters Swimming Championship
Join us April 4-5 at the Nassau County Aquatics Center for the New York State Masters Swimming Championship! We’re excited for what’s to come, and we encourage all to participate.  

New! Team Strength Training
Strength training is especially important for swimmers. Sport-specific weightlifting improves performance and helps prevent injury. If weekly team strength training interests you, please email Coach John.
USMS Membership Renewals
There are a number of swimmers on our team who are not current USMS members. USMS membership is required. If you have not done so, please join or renew today.
Asphalt Green is a nonprofit. When you participate in our programs, you stand with Asphalt Green to provide free sports and fitness opportunities for underserved New Yorkers.