AGUA Masters Weekly Newsletter
A Note from Coach John
I know many of you have experienced the feeling, and man does it feel great to be vaccinated. It certainly won’t stop me from wearing a mask, but it gives me peace of mind and confidence that we are edging toward the new normal. 

I moved to New York in February 2020, and within 30 days, the pandemic hit. It’s been a whirlwind, and I am thankful my family was able to stay healthy, but I'm ready to see them!

This summer, my family is gathering in Buffalo and, since everybody will have been vaccinated, and we’ll be outdoors, there will be lots to celebrate including my daughter’s graduation from Pace University. Beyond that, I will be here, coaching as much as I can. Hopefully, I will find time to surf in Far Rockaway and bike around the city.

My biggest summer goal, is to take a crew of you to Greensboro, NC in July. The 2021 USMS Short Course National Championship, is now tentatively scheduled for July 21 to 25 at the Greensboro Aquatic Center. 

I tell you what I am doing this summer, because I would like to know your plans—at least in to regards AGUA Masters. It will help me plan our summer training schedule, and hopefully prepare you for Nationals. If you are comfortable, please let me know if you are going to be training in NYC this summer here. I look forward to hearing from you. 

If you have any questions, my door is always open. Please feel free to email me at [email protected].

See you at the pool,

–Coach John
Newsletter Update
This newsletter is now bi-weekly. Be sure to check your inbox every other Sunday evening to stay up-to-date on all things AGUA Masters.
Are You Interested in USMS National Short Course Championships?

U.S. Masters Swimming has postponed its 2021 spring and summer National Championship due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Spring nationals, which has been renamed the 2021 USMS Short Course National Championship, is now tentatively scheduled for July 21 to 25 at the Greensboro Aquatic Center in Greensboro, North Carolina, and summer nationals, renamed the 2021 USMS Long Course National Championship, is tentatively scheduled for October 6 to 10 at the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio. Both name changes are for just 2021.

USMS anticipates limiting the number of participants and extending each event from four days to five to make social distancing possible. Event organizers are working on additional measures to ensure the safety of participants. New information and changes will be announced when finalized. Full meet information is expected when registration opens in late May.

Wondering if you are fast enough? Check out qualifying times!

Interested in participating? Tell us with this quick, two-question survey.
Get Out of the Pool and Get Outside!

Getting outside to exercise has many benefits beyond fitness. Here are five reasons for you to break out of the pool and gym.

Improve your mental health
Working out in green spaces reduces tension, feelings of anger, and decreases the release of cortisol and adrenaline, hormones related to stress. Ever-changing outdoor terrains force your mind to focus on the present and less on internal, mental stimuli.

Get committed 
Studies show that changing your exercise routine keeps you interested in your workouts. Exercising outside enables you to change your scenery daily and offers a wide variety of exercise modalities.

Blast calories
Changing terrain can have a dramatic impact on the number of calories you burn. According to the American Heart Association, a 150-pound person walking an average speed of two miles an hour, can burn around 240 calories. On a sandy surface, you more than double the effort utilizing new muscles and burning more calories. If you take that walk onto a cross-country-style trail, that 150-pound person can burn around 400 calories in an hour.

Increase vitamin D
A recent clinical review found that nearly one billion people world-wide are not getting enough of the sunshine vitamin. Why not get your daily dose while exercising? While we must be careful about sun exposure, vitamin D is essential to overall health. A deficiency in this vitamin has been linked to heart disease and many mental health ailments.

Reap the rewards of fresh air
An increased flow of oxygen helps with digestion, weight loss, and lowering blood pressure, it also increases serotonin levels (making you feel happier!), strengthens your immune system, and increases concentration. Increased oxygen helps to release airborne toxins from your lungs and ultimately cleans out your respiratory system. Because increased oxygen flow raises energy levels, you'll have more stamina for that outdoor workout!

COVID-19 and Chlorine
According to the CDC, the virus that causes COVID-19 does not spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, water playgrounds, or other treated aquatic venues. Indeed, under the right conditions, swimming pool water can inactivate the COVID-19 virus in 30 seconds according to a study by virologists at Imperial College London.

A Few Reminders...
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  • Team Unify Account Access – If you are having trouble accessing your TeamUnify account, please reach out to Coach John directly at [email protected].

  • Register for Practice –You may register for one swimming practice per day, at either Asphalt Green campus, up to two weeks in advance. Visit your campus website to book workouts today:
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No Show Policy Effective April 15: If you accrue three no shows or late cancellations (within two hours of your reservation), your registration capabilities will be suspended for seven days. After seven days, you will be able to book a swim, fitness center, Masters, gymnasium, or group exercise session. After a third no show, every subsequent no show will result in a one-week suspension. All no-shows and late cancellations will reset quarterly. Though it will only be noted if you cancel within two hours of your reservation, Asphalt Green encourages 24 hours' notice for cancellations. Please note, you must cancel online or through the Asphalt Green app. The only exception is you must call your campus's main number if you need to cancel within two hours of your reservation.
Asphalt Green has helped thousands of children stay active through free programs in schoolyards, gymnasiums, and pools across New York City. Today, the organization is focused on providing a critical mental and physical outlet for kids in a socially distant world.