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Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Register for Pre-Season Virtual Dryland Training
As we await access to our pool, we are excited to begin 2020-2021 pre-season with virtual dryland training sessions!

  • What: Nine 40-minute sessions
  • When: September 16 to September 30
  • Cost: $150
All registered swimmers will have dryland training this week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, September 16-18. Specific times and schedules will be distributed by your swimmer's lead group coach.
Congratulations, Coach Brad!

Congratulations Coach Brad and Sarah! We'd like to officially welcome Henry Stephen Green to the AGUA family!
Help Save College Swimming
The College of William & Mary needs your help reversing a troubling trend in college swimming. The decimation of Olympic sports at the college level has begun picking up steam during the past few months and just became a reality for the College of William & Mary men’s and women’s swim teams, also known as Tribe Swimming

These two highly successful teams were eliminated in a six-minute Zoom call, along with women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s track and field, and men’s and women’s gymnastics. The College of William & Mary swim teams are extraordinarily successful in athletics and academics. 

The dwindling number of opportunities to swim at the college level is a trend that we want to reverse now, starting with the College of William & Mary. Swimming has great value for young athletes, whether they are the stars of their teams, striving to improve, or just love the sport. Top swimmers should not be the only ones who benefit from continuing their swimming career into college. A mid-major program like the one at the College of William & Mary provides opportunities for still-developing swimmers. Most athletes will not swim on a power-five conference team, but the swim program at the College of William & Mary provides hard-working athletes with the balanced academic and athletic college experience that so many desire.  

Our swimmers need the chance to achieve their dreams in the pool, in the classroom, and in life. 

Please visit to find out how you can support the cause.
AG Lab: Remote Learning at Asphalt Green
At AG Lab, AGUA students can safely complete their schoolwork with support, supervision, and fun physical activity breaks led by our experienced staff – plus snacks and a nutritious catered lunch. Spaces are limited to ensure social distancing; secure your child's spot today!

Upcoming Schedule Changes
All practices are canceled until further notice. Please refer to your lead group coach's dryland workouts to maintain your training.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

The fitness centers at Asphalt Green are now open. The pools remains closed per City mandate.

For more information, please visit
We need your help.
Asphalt Green will be back on the other side of this crisis, but we need your support to face the challenges ahead. Please consider making a donation to help us continue to serve the community.