July 25, 2019
Inspiring and empowering women to find their

In January of this year our church began “The Year of The Bible”. Each of us were challenged with reading the Bible in a year. I had read the Bible through a couple of times and I must admit that my first thought was “Oh no here we go again”. Can you tell that I needed an attitude adjustment?  This time however was different. God was really convicting me that I needed to give it another shot. I currently facilitate our Life Connect program at church and part of the Life Connect series is essentials and one of the essentials being Bible study. I strongly suggest, urge, guilt and anything else I can do to get the participants in the class to read the Bible. OUCH!!!!!! You know the strangest thing happens when you ask God to change your heart or attitude. He does it! I have had the most wonderful time revisiting passages of scripture that I had read many times but with new eyes. God is also revealing to me things that I had not seen before in the passage.  AHA MOMENTS!!!!!!!!
This past week part of the scheduled reading was Psalm 9. What a wonderful psalm of praise written by David. “ I will praise you Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done. I will be filled with joy because of you. I will sing praises to your name, O Most High.” 

Last week we spent a wonderful week at the M&M Summit. If you were not there you missed an awesome experience. Worship, praising and watching God work in the hearts of those in attendance. Women’s Ministries was able to present a check to International Missions for $25,000 designated to go toward the construction of new dormitories at GBBC in the Philippines and if that wasn’t enough, He blessed us with an offering of $7400 to add to that amount. 
Women’s Ministries breakout attendance was the largest we have had in several years. I currently have a list of approximately 9 churches or groups that wish to begin a Women’s Ministries in their church or revive a group that has lost their enthusiasm. Giving is up by 22%.

There is however so much more to do. God is not done yet so let’s continue to do our part. I feel so blessed to be part of Women’s Ministries and the mission effort. God is still calling missionaries. Pray for the Brantleys and Robin Lowery as they are currently doing their deputation. There are still numerous needs on our mission fields. There are needs across the board, small and large that will fit the resources that your group has at their disposal.

Let Psalm 9 be our mantra
I will praise you Lord, with all my heart……...I will sing praises to your name, O Most High!”

Brantley Family
currently working on their deputation to go to the Philippines

Robin Lowery
currently working on her deputation to go to Hondurus.
for helping us . . . .

"Shower our Missionaries"
At the M & M Summit this year!

With your help we were able to give over $1000 in Gift Cards!

Vicki will be speaking at Lane Avenue Church in Kansas City, MO on August 18th! If you live in the area, feel free to attend!

Vicki would love to come to your church or ladies group and share her heart with you!

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573-785-7746 ask to speak with Vicki or Kris

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July 28 Jessey and Brittany Vemula anniversary
They are stateside until after the Summit
Their stateside address is:
492 Hester St.
Bloomfield, MO 63825

ABC Offering will be here before you know it!

This year we have designated
Sunday December 1st and Sunday December 8th for this offering. Please share this with your Pastors and Church!

This years offering will go to Hispanic Outreach!

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