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Rudy Ruderman, MA, AMFT – Self Compassion for Men
Thursday, May 7th, 6pm - 7pm PST
For men, being stuck at home can be especially hard when activities that gave purpose, self-esteem, and an outlet to blow off steam are no longer available—when there is less to “do” and we are forced more to just “be” with family, partners, children, and ourselves. Male-identified people are invited to explore self-compassion as a way to find peace and fulfillment during this crisis.
Orian Rivers, MA, AMFT and Claire Blakey, MA, AMFT – Overcoming Negative Body Image
Tuesday, May 12th, 10am -11am PST
For many of us, times of great stress can bring up struggles around body image. In this unique Zoom gathering, facilitators will hold space to share about body image journeys and provide helpful insight and support. 
Claire Blakey, MA, AMFT – The Weight of Body Image During Corona
Tuesday, May 19th, 10am -11am PST
An open conversation about the impact of the pandemic and stay-at-home-orders on an already toxic mix of body shame, diet culture, and weight gain jokes and memes.
Share your own experiences and leave with tangible take-aways for self-love and body acceptance during this challenging time.
Melissa Lowenstein, MEd – Parenting in Place: an AHA! Parent Workshop
Thursday, May 14th, 10am - 11am PST  
Feeling occasionally less than loving toward your kids in the midst of self-isolation? You are NOT alone! Join other parents and AHA!’s Director of Programs and parent coach to share stories and support, express frustration, remember joys, and learn sanity-saving strategies for parenting during COVID-19. 
Tara Schlener, MA, AMFT – Positive Mindset and Reset:
Couples’ Issues in Extreme Conditions
Tuesday, May 26th, 10am -11am PST
How do we communicate with our partner effectively, listen deeply, and keep the love flowing when we are under stress and shelter-in-place? Explore how to create a positive mindset and reset when we are triggered in relationship.
Julian Castillo, MA, AMFT – Managing the Urges to Indulge: 
Acceptance and Surrender
Thursday, May 28th, 10am -11am PST
Addictive behaviors are strategies for self-soothing challenging emotions. Join in an honest and compassionate conversation about acceptance and surrender as ways to healthier strategies. 
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