In 2021, AHA! served 6,951 teens and 716 educators and parents/guardians.

Social-Emotional Intelligence (SEL) empowers individuals to relate to anyone and everyone and to listen thoughtfully with openness and curiosity to viewpoints different from their own. In 22 years of dedicated service, AHA! has established a cutting-edge model for incorporating SEL into classrooms and communities.
Meaningful Question Cards by AHA!
This beautiful bi-lingual deck of 75 meaningful questions by Dr. Jennifer Freed will inspire your friends and family to discuss important and positive topics. This is a must-have for deeper connections and a perfect gift for all occasions. Purchase here and we will mail to you; or, if you are local to Santa Barbara and would like to pick up, email
Montecito Journal's Giving List

We are thrilled to announce our participation in Montecito Journal's The Giving List Santa Barbara

This annual guide, published by the Montecito Journal Media Group, has been delivered to homes across Montecito, Hope Ranch, and other areas in Santa Barbara, as well as to most of Santa Barbara’s charitable foundations and wealth managers. Copies of the book are also available at select Montecito Bank & Trust locations in South Santa Barbara County. Our inclusion helps to ensure that AHA! has high visibility with key supporters like you. 

As another challenging year comes to a close, we are heartened by the positive recognition we have received from The Giving List and the light it will continue to shine on the important work we are doing—work we could not do without your support. We look forward to a brighter 2022, and it is our sincere hope that you will help us start the new year strong. 
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