June, 2018
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AHA Corporate Partners & Sponsors, support expanded opportunities for all who participate in Arabian Horse activities. AHA would like to thank our 2018 Corporate Partners & Sponsors. By purchasing products and services provided by these companies, you are supporting the horse you love -The Arabian!

Holding a show or club event?

Contact AHA at michelle.bartlett@arabianhorses.org or 303.696.4500 to receive a complimentary package of Arabian Horse Life (AHL) magazines. 
AHL is a great promotional tool and something anyone can enjoy!

Have an upcoming show or event? Want a print ad for the program, commercial to play for attendees  or promotional material to hand out? Download the #JointheJourney promotional material located in the Marketplace section of the website at https://www.arabianhorses.org/marketplace/join-journey/index.html . You can find everything from print ads, web banners, social media ads and more!

Promote Youth Nationals In Your Area

Are you in the OKC area or want to get others excited about the upcoming Youth Nationals Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show? A downloadable flyer is now available on the Youth Nationals  webpage to use to get the word out!  #ahaYNL18
Promote Canadian Nationals In Your Area

Are you in the Brandon, Manitoba, Canada area and want to get others excited about the upcoming Canadian National Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show? 
A downloadable flyer is now available on the Canadian Nationals webpage to use to get the word out! #ahaCNL18

Promote Sport Horse Nationals In Your Area
Are you in the Nampa, Idaho, area and want to get others excited about the upcoming Sport Horse National Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show? 
A downloadable flyer is now available on the Sport Horse Nationals webpage  to use to get the word out! #ahaSHN18

Help in Keeping Our Sport a Safe Place

In today's day and age we find the topic of abuse to be at the forefront of many news headlines. It is a troubling topic and one that many would never consider to be a part of their world. However, it is one, that as an association, we urge our members and the equine community to be aware of and to educate themselves about.
A great resource for equestrians is the USEF Safe Sport Policy that talks about the different types of misconducts, how to report it and how individuals can train and educate themselves about abuse.  Furthermore, SafeSport is an independent non-profit organization whose mission it is "to make athlete well-being the centerpiece of our nation's sports culture". SafeSport was established as a safe place for athletes to learn the signs of misconduct and to report abuse while bringing light to what has been happening in the sport industry. Earlier this year through the support and hard work of SafeSport, President Trump signed bill S.534, the " Protecting Young Athletes from Sexual Abuse and SafeSport Authorization Act"  which provided "important new standards and protections for athletes", which is a first of its kind. This bill was a tremendous step in the right direction to help bring awareness and aid in ridding any sport industry of abuse. To learn more about SafeSport, visit www.safesport.org or call 720.531.0340.
"It highly behooves each and every one of us to understand what constitutes misconduct and abuse to ensure that we don't place ourselves in a questionable position or place others in those positions." said Glenn Petty, Executive Vice President of the Arabian Horse Association (AHA). "Furthermore, we strongly encourage that everyone take the free online training that SafeSport has available to guarantee that they are well-versed on this subject matter."
AHA members can do the free online training in two easy steps. First step, if you don't already have a current US Equestrian membership, sign up for a free US Equestrian Fan Membership at https://members.usef.org/join-renew/fan-application and use promo code AHA18. Make sure to write down the membership ID number from US Equestrian to use later for the SafeSport Training sign in. Second step, go to https://safesport.org/authentication/register?token=92e6afd1-c848-4e8b-a844-3c559383f49e  for the SafeSport Training. Here you will use the US Equestrian membership ID number to sign in and create a password. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address used to sign up for SafeSport. Once you have confirmed your email address, you can sign in and complete the SafeSport Training online.
We highly suggest that individuals inform themselves about the topic of abuse to help ensure the safety of all and to aid in bringing higher standards to the equestrian industry. We as an association will continue to strive and to push for continued education and measures from our lawmakers to create an atmosphere where all can feel safe and to enjoy the industry we all love.

Region 1   

San Diego Arabian Horse Association  will be having a One Day Show on November 4. This is a qualifying show for Region One as well as Open Breed Shows, so come and join us! 
Please contact Nancy Harvey, show secretary, at 626.355.9101 or nharvey440@aol.com  for more information.

Region 2
July 8 
The Region 2 Youth will be holding a fun show in Camarillo at the Santa Rosa Equestrian Center.  All breeds are welcome! Pre-entries are $8.  
Contact Natalie Zavala for info at westlakehorses@gmail.com or call 805.231.0056.

July 14 
Region 2 delegates meeting and election of officers will be held at Hodel's in Bakersfield from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. 
Contact Joyce Schroeder at 805.432.6890 if you would like to come.
August 25 
Region 2 will be holding a Member Appreciation Day - COME LASSO SOME FUN! This will be FREE to all Region 2 members! It will be at Lowe Show Stables in Soomis. We will have a youth judging contest for all youth and want to be "YOUTH", Horse Shoe Contest for the adults, tack exchange for all those items you need to see someone else use!   Special guest speaker will be Debbie Fuentes from AHA!  A great bar-b-que lunch will be provided! 
Please RSVP to Nancy Goertzen 559.799.3046 or goertzenarab@gmail.com  

All members will be receiving more information in June.  Mark your calendar!

Region 3

AHA Region III is dedicated to the promotion and support of the Arabian breed and happily responds to opportunities that support youth sponsored equine activities. Regional Director Cheryl Hansen received a request from the California 4-H Foundation for the upcoming 4-H Horse Classic with a opportunity to sponsor a High Point belt buckle award ($250.00) in behalf of the Arabian Horse Association.

The California 4-H Horse Classic will be held at Murieta Equestrian Center in Rancho Murieta, Calif., June 27 to July 1.  

For more information please contact Shauna Bond at hangemhigh3@hotmail.com or  530.260.3277.

Enormous  congratulations  and thank you to Manny Vierra of Valley Oak Arabians in Brentwood, Calif.!!!! Manny is the winning bidder of the Arabian Horse Statue, "Galaxy," who was a part of the illustrious Hollywood Charity Horse show Auction!!! Manny is one of the Nation's most notable breeders of Arabian horses and is a true friend to the Arabian horse, which makes it all the more appropriate that he ends up with this one of a kind piece of art, autographed by William Shatner (aka Captain Kirk)!!!!
This year "Galaxy" was the biggest revenue producer that the auction has seen in years and we truly thank all that believed in this project and again extend our upmost  congratulations  and gratitude to Mr. Manny Vierra of Valley Oak Arabians!!!!- Trevor Miller/Region 3

Members of Region 3 enjoyed a full weekend June 8-10 promoting the Arabian horse at Sacramento's Horse Expo. Thanks to an all-star crew headed by Margie Pope and company. Hundreds of fair-goers, adult and children alike, enjoyed live demonstrations and a special appearance from Legend, The Warrior Horse. Mounted demonstrators displayed the versatility of the proud breed with Native Costume, Endurance, Dressage, Western and Trail tack attire. A big thank you goes out to riders for their participation: Grace Pope riding Fadjurzaine (Endurance), Brittani Edwards riding Spirit (Costume), Danielle Weeks riding In Sync aka Boomer (Reining), Sandy Smyth-Reedy riding KL Enchantyng aka Izzy (Working Western), Angelique (Angel) Noonis riding A Sweet Temptation aka Sweetie (Hunt and three-Day Eventing). 

Valerie Baker of Whitehorse Dressage brought several horses and riders, many of them children, to demonstrate the gentleness and versatility of the breed. Joining the six rider team from White Horse Dressage included riders Timothy Moss, Lauren Gervais, Lucy Bartlett, Dakota Weinberger, Lucy Bartlett, Dakota Weinberger and Savannah Sheldon. 
Thanks also to booth tenders Margaret Culver, Sandy Smyth-Reedy, Keira and Michael Siegel. Legend is a delight to have and most definitely a big star of the show but thanks to the crew at Jack Tone Ranch for their help in making sure Legend made the trip safely. It took more than an hour to bubble wrap, load onto the trailer and fasten down securely so as to not sustain injury or damage (Grace, Peg, Sydney, Federico, Peggy and Sydney Morrisey, and a special thanks to mom Kathleen Tone for her unending support, packing, unpacking, set-up, bathing and trailering horses thru-out the entire three day event.)  - Thank you so much!

Legend, the Warrior Horse was joined by Region 3 Director Cheryl Hansen and horse rescue expert Linda Siegel of Magical Ranch in Loomis who answered dozens of questions ranging from horse registration, club activities, local shows, rides, activities, and to share with all who simply wanted to share their own personal stories and pictures. Many referrals where handed out for local clubs, trainers, horseback riding programs, breeding farms and trusted vendors. Thanks again to all the volunteers, riders, organizers for your dedication to promoting our beloved breed.

Gold Coast AHA

Back by popular demand for two weekends - September 8-9 and September 15-16 - is the GCAHA Cow Play Day Clinic -  Learn how to work with cattle.
Saturday, October 20 is the GCAHA Trail Ride in Salina River Beach. Join us for a fun ride along the surf, viewing marine and wildlife.
Saturday, Novovember 3 is the GCAHA HOSTED YOUTH EVENT at Azevedo Ranch in Aromas. 
Weather permitting, Gold Coast AHA will host another Youth Event. 

Both member and non-member youth are invited so bring your kids and their friends too. 

This event will also be geared to give our youth an opportunity to be around horses and be introduced to equine activities. 

If you don't have a horse - not to worry, there will be activities that everyone can participate in and have a fun time.
Watch for future updates of our events on our website at  www.goldcoastarabian.org  and follow us on Facebook 

Region 5
Region 5 Youth Update

Applications are open for the 2018/2019 Region 5 Youth Board.

If you want to apply for Youth Director Please contact Michelle at  Parklne@comcast.net for the director application. If you are interested in Vice Director, Secretary or Treasurer please email Carrie Olsen at carrie.olson@q.com or Michelle Pease Paulsen at Parklne@comcast.net with your intent and why you are interested in the position.

Below please find a brief description of the positions:

Regional Youth Director
  • Sits on AHYA Board with voting power
  • Attends at least two AHYA Board Meetings
  • Runs at least one Regional meeting a year
  • Encourages and runs youth activities in the region
  • Works with Regional Youth Coordinator on ways to increase youth participation and fundraise to pay for travel to AHYA Board meetings
  • Works with Youth Coordinators and Region 5 Director/Vice Director to develop plans for the Region 5 youth for the year. Works to implement programs and communicate to other youth.
  • Volunteers at the Cascade Youth Benefit Show in May
 Director Duties with AHYA:
  • Attend a minimum of two meetings a year (November, March, July) the only meeting that is chaperoned is the March one. Note: Region 5 Covers the travel expenses for the Director.
  • Selling raffle tickets for the drawing at U.S. Nationals.
  • Secure $100 item/basket for silent auction at convention in November.
  • Secure a minimum of $250 donation for exhibitors t-shirts for Youth Nationals.
  • Helping promote/sell special item for year within region.
Vice Director
  • Sits on the Region 5 Youth Board and attends board meetings
  • In the absence of the Youth Director the Vice Director will fulfill the duties and attend meetings as needed.
  • Works with the Youth Director to run youth activities in the Region.
  • Volunteers at the Cascade Youth Benefit Show in May
  • The Secretary shall keep an accurate record/minutes of all meetings of the youth board
  • Meeting minutes are to be sent to the Region 5 director following meetings to be posted on the Region 5 website.
  • Attend youth meetings and work with the Youth Director and Vice Director to run youth activities in the region.
  • Volunteers at the Cascade Youth Benefit Show in May
  • The youth treasurer will work with the Regional Treasurer to understand what money the youth have.
  • The youth treasurer will take note of spending and money raised at meetings.
  • The youth treasurer will work with the regional treasurer and or Regional Director/Vice Director to develop a budget.
  • Attend youth meetings and work with the Youth Director and Vice Director to run youth activities in the region.
  • Volunteers at the Cascade Youth Benefit Show in May

Volunteers Needed - You can receive points towards the year-end High Point Program
Region 5 Championship Show 
  • July 13: 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Painted Ponies arts and crafts coordinator
  • July 14: 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Stick Horse arts and crafts coordinator
  • Tail Tour guides throughout the show
  • Region 5 Championship Show
    • July 9: 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.  Servers for Move-in-Day pizza
    • July 11: 7-8 p.m.  Servers for beer and wine (Must be 21 or older)
    • July 12: 7-8 p.m.  Servers for champagne (Must be 21 or older)
    • July 13: 11-12:30 p.m.  Painted ponies arts and crafts coordinator
    • July 14: 11-12:30 p.m.  Stick horse arts and crafts coordinator
    • July 14: 7-8 p.m.  Servers for beer and wine (Must be 21 or older)

Up Coming Horse Shows and Club News
NEW FOR 2018!
  • We have reduced the entry fees for all Junior Exhibitor and Walk/Jog/Trot classes! The entry fee for JOTR and JTR classes (except Trail) will be $55 and Walk/Jog/Trot classes will be $50.
  • There is a one day Pre-Show on Tuesday, July 10 for last minute qualifications and/or tune-ups.
  • A stabling form has been added this year. Trainers and those who wish to be stabled together must send this form with their entries. It is helpful for individuals who want to be stabled with friends to send entries in together.
  • We are now a Double Points Show for the APAHA High Point Money Program!
  • Age splits in more classes!

EDRA Rides:
  • July 14: Selkirk Summer Distance Derby, Mt Spokane, Wash.
  • Aug 4: Sand Canyon, Chewelah, Wash.
  • Aug 25: Midnight Riders, Olympia, Wash.
  • Aug 25: Blue Cloud Ride, Helena, Mont.
  • Sep 29: Ride the Loup, North Central Wash.
  • Nov 3: Dead Last, Escure Ranch, Cheney-Palouse, Wash.
Visit  https://www.equinedistanceriding.com/rides-2/  for more information

AERC Rides:
  • Sep 1-2: Crazy Daze of Summer, Riverside State Park, Spokane, Wash.
  • Sep 22: Prater Mountain, Meadowbook Ranch, Idaho
Visit  https://aerc.org/rpts/CalSetup.aspx for more information

Olympic Peninsula Arabian Horse Club

Region 9
2018 MayFest Challenge

Thank you to our 2018 MayFest Challenge Sponsors!

Sport Horse and Trail High Score Award Winners

Sponsored by Larry and Adrienne Jacobson, in loving memory of Ansata Mara+/, Scandia Farm, Richmond, Texas.

*  Arabian Western Trail: CP Dauntless and Jill Mitchell
*  HA/AA Western Trail: Papi Chulo and Jill Mitchell
*  Arabian English Trail: Sterling Bradley and KMA Angelo
*  HA/AA English Trail: Papi Chulo and Jill Mitchell
*  Arabian Sport Horse in Hand: Anieva MLM owned and shown by Wendye Gardiner
*  HA/AA Sport Horse in Hand: Golden Charms owned by Jayme Harris and shown by Emily Lister

Thank you to all our 2018 MayFest Challenge Exhibitors!

Region 11
There are many things happening this summer in Region XI. Probably the first thing that is of interest to people is the Region XI main ring Championship show and pre-show. We are very pleased that this show has returned to the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, Ill. There has been a lot going on at the fairgrounds this year. The former warm up arena, now the show arena, has taken on a new look since many of you last saw it. The show commission has plans in mind for our show there this year so be sure to come see it! Also, Barn 13 has been rehabbed as have the roofs on some of the barns. We are very excited about the changes taking place and are looking forward to the day when the coliseum is finished also. Although it is still not usable there is planning going forward on it with a potential finish date in their minds. So come on up and enjoy the show!!

July 4 - 8 
Region XI pre show and Championship Show, Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield, Ill. 
Contact Dave Waggoner at 309.338.5128.
August 18 
Region XI Endurance Championship Ride, Matthiesen State Park 
Contact Tony Troyer at 815.530.4464. 
September 1- 3  
Iowa Fall Classic held at the Jacobsen arena at the Iowa State Fairgrounds 
Contact Ryan Chambers at 314.717.7683.

September 8  
Region XI Competitive Ride, Middle Fork St Park, Oakwood, Ill. 
Contact Ruth Stewart at 217.232.3730.   
September 9 
Regions X and XI Championships at the Working Western Celebration, Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wis. 
Includes Working Cow, Cutting, and Reined Cow classes. 
Contact at Ben Carillo  505.281.4378.
October 16-18 
AHA Distance Horse Nationals (multi-breed Endurance/Competitive), Henryville, Ind. 
Contact Paige at AHA at  303.696.4500 .
November 1-2 
Spooktacular ODS, Cedar Falls, Iowa 
Fun show first day, Dressage, AVS the next day. 
Contact Kelly Kaut at 319.443.2822.

Region 13

The Region 13 Sport Horse show was a great success. While numbers were not large the competition was deep. And the new footing in the covered arena is outstanding. 

 AHA National Championship Distance Rides will be held in Henryville, Ind.  
The dates are October 26-28.

Here is the most recent list of qualifying shows for Region 13:
Show Name Show # Dates Approve Date
AHAM SUMMER AVS I 14305 28-JUL-18 to 28-JUL-18 10-JAN-18
AHAM SUMMER AVS II 14306 29-JUL-18 to 29-JUL-18 10-JAN-18
WMAHA FALL CLASSIC 14186 30-AUG-18 to 02-SEP-18 29-OCT-17

Region 14

OHAHA Fall Show 
September 1-2 in Wilmington, Ohio 
For information on the above listed shows contact Cindy Clinton at  cindy@cindyclinton.com

Region 15

Region 15 is pleased to announce our Judges for the Region 15 Championships,  July 4-8 at The Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Va.
Markel Firecracker Classic Pre-Show:
  • Main Ring  
    • Sterling Bradley
  • Sport Horse Ring 
    • Joan O' Keeffe
Region 15 Championships:
  • Main Ring  
    • Gordon Potts 
    • John Lambert 
    • Gary Ferguson
  • Working Western  
    • Gary Ferguson
  • Hunter over Fences and Sport Horse Hunter Type 
    • Nancy Seyfried
  • Sport Horse Dressage Type and Dressage  
    • Fatima Krantz
  • Dressage  
    • Tami Batts
The Prize List is now available on our website -  and on our   Facebook page
We look forward to seeing everyone in July!!

Heritage AHA
The Arabian Sport Horse Extravaganza has been postponed until August. Details to follow!

Old Dominion AHA
Things seem to be moving along in the Old Dominion Arabian Horse Association's attempt to get more kids to Youth Nationals.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated to help get more kids to Oklahoma, we have some who won't be able to make it without financial assistance.  They are doing their own fundraiser events, but they still need more help.  Please contact Hannah Darby at  HGH4PEACE@gmail.com  to make a contribution.  
Thank you, 
Bill Jenkins, President

 East Coast Championships

Pennsylvania AHA

Region 16

Listed below is a calendar of  Region 16 and National Events for 2018
Additional shows will be added as the information is received. 
Check the page often to view any updates.
Contact Robert Mcentee at 100 Family Cir . Benton, La. 71006 or 716.984.3636 or email   bobmc36@aol.com
Secretary: Beth Barnes bbarnesarabshow@gmail.com 

Contact  Daniel L Kelly at 528 Kelly Rd. Friendsville, Pa. 18818 or 570.553.2783

JULY 11 - JULY 14
REGION 16 CHAMPIONSHIP - Syracuse, N.Y.    
Contact: Nannet H Read at 14824 SW 26 Pl. Newberry, Fla. 32669  or 352. 215.7030.   

JUL 21 - JUL 28
YOUTH NATIONALS -State Fair Park - Oklahoma City, Okla.

AUG 10 
Judge: Jennifer Sullivan 
Contact Manager John Lampropoulos at 99 Amesbury Rd. Newton, N.H. 03858 or 603.770.1884 or  sheri2517@hotmail.com   
Contact Secretary Irene Bryan at 6 Hodgeman Ave. Saco, Maine, 04072 or 207.282.4264 or   signet@gwi.net

AUG 12 - AUG 18
CANADIAN NATIONALS - Keystone Centre - Brandon, Manitoba    

AUG 31 - SEPT 2

SEPT 18 - SEPT 22

OCT 19 - OCT 27
U.S. NATIONALS - Tulsa Expo Square - Tulsa, Okla.   

OCT 26 - OCT 28
DISTANCE NATIONALS  - Henryville, Ind. 

Check out the Region 16 website at:   http://www.region16.org/

Rhode Island AHA

Empire State AHA
Region 18

July 25-28, Region 18 Shows & Eastern Canadian Breeders Championships

Region 18 has a new look this year! Come for an exciting week of Arabian horse competition, featuring qualifying classes for the Region 18 Championships and Region 18 Sport Horse, in addition to the Eastern Canadian Breeders Championships and a weekend of Championship classes for both Region 18 and Sport Horse.

The 2018 show promises to be a great show, allowing all competitors for the regular and Sport Horse classes to be at the same location at the same time! Get ready for not only multiple opportunities to qualify for the Championship shows, but a great time to socialize with all Arabian horse competitors.

New location offers multiple show arenas (indoors and outdoors), many warm-up rings, quality stabling, camper hook-ups, wash racks, highway accessibility, hotels and restaurants close by, proximity to the U.S. border, onsite food service, plus many more amenities conducive to equine enthusiasts.

In addition to featuring a wide array of classes, Region 18 is also planning some social activities for our loyal exhibitors and supporters!

Last Chance judges: Shirley Arndt and Leslie Kennedy (Sport Horse)
Eastern Canadian Breeders Championships judge: Shirley Arndt
Region 18 Championships: Michele Blackwell Betten and Kate Farrell (Sport Horse)

Be a part of the ``new`` Region 18 Championship Show!

Allan Ehrlick                aoc@milestoneac.ca                         905.854.0762  
Josh Schildroth            joshua6654@hotmail.com              647.242.4855

There is always something happening in Region 18-come and join us! More events & details to be announced at a later date. For more information www.ahaec.on.ca or Facebook

Needing buckles, trophies or awards for your upcoming show or event? AHA's Corporate Partner - Awards Recognition Concept (ARC) has a variety of quality items that fit any budget or event type. Visit www.ARCTrophy.com, email orders@ARCTrophy.com or call 806.345.4272 today to purchase what you need for your next event. 

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