AHA Available to Provide Services at the 2020 Annual Scottsdate Arabian Horse Show, February 13-23!
Come meet with the AHA staff and see what’s new. We are located at the northeast end of the Shopping Expo (North Hall). AHA is there to help you:
Purchase or renew your AHA membership and receive a free gift ( while supplies last ) and be entered to win an Apple iPad!
Transfer or begin the registration for your horse
Submit your late in-utero nominations to the Sweepstakes Program and Halter Futurities
Pay for your late Halter Futurity re-nominations
Renew your Achievement Award Program
Look up pedigree, progeny and ownership information on DataSource—get a FREE printout of the pedigree of any registered Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian
View/print the accomplishment record of any registered Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian
Get assistance with your pending transactions – bring your work to the show
Choose from a wide variety of blank forms for registration and enrollment to our many programs
This is your opportunity to get personal assistance with your paperwork and answer many of your questions.
Come check us out!
Frequent Rider Program
Earn points for the time you spend in the saddle outside of the show ring with the Frequent Rider Program.

As you reach each milestone you will receive a beautiful award through our sponsorship with Awards Recognition Concepts (ARC). At the end each year, the member who has logged the most hours will receive the High Hour Award and receive a beautiful engraved desk clock.

To learn more click here or call 303.696.4500 option 4.

Dressage Rider Awards

If you compete in Basic/Training through Fourth Level you can receive recognition from AHA. After the initial enrollment, riders are eligible for an award once they earn two or more scores of 60 percent or better from two separate rides and two different judges. Only scores earned after enrollment are counted. The show secretary reports scores earned at AHA-recognized shows while riders report their scores from Open shows on the official Open Show Report Form.
Basic/Training Level Certificate
First Level Certificate and Pin
Second Level Certificate and Pin
Third Level Certificate and Pin
Fourth Level Certificate and Pin
Enrollment is just $45 for each level of competition. Scores are accumulative and do not need to be earned in the same year. The rider must have an AHA Membership with Competition Card to enroll.

Click here or call (303) 696-4500 #4 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.
Qualification Point and Score Increases

Qualification points have increased for both the Regional and National levels this year. Please remember that:
  • A first or second place at an AHA qualifying show automatically qualifies for the Regional Championship.
  • A Top Five at the Regional Championship, Pacific Slope and East Coast Championship qualifies for Nationals.
  • A Top Six at the Eastern or Western Canadian Breeders qualifies for the Nationals.
  • The qualification period remains the same, the previous year (2019) up to the close of entries (for the 2020 year).
  • Open qualifications can be used in some disciplines.
  • Working Western participation qualifications remain the same.
  • Qualification comes from the class section, Amateur and Amateur Owner have specific requirements.

Click here for chart or call (303) 696-4500 # 4 to speak with a Customer Service Representative
Missed the December 31 st deadline?

You can still enroll your 2020 in-utero foal as a Breeding Entry for $500 and in the US and Canadian Halter Futurity Program for $170 per horse/per country. Enrollments must be postmarked/electronic transaction dated by February 15, 2020.

Download the AHA In-Utero Foal Program Application here .

Contact Competition Services at 303-696-4500, option #4 for additional information.
Performance Halter Qualifications Explained

Performance Halter does not require previous point qualifications from either the AHA local qualifying competitions or Top Five placings Regionals. The “qualifications” required are from the show/ride and are determined as follows:

  • All horses three years of age and older must have been entered and shown in a performance class (Under Saddle and/or Driving) at the same show as the one in which the performance halter class is being held.

  • Have completed an AHA or AERC sanctioned Endurance ride or a Competitive Trail Ride recognized by AHA or sanctioned by an AHA recognized Competitive Trail riding organization in the past 90 days, exhibitors must present dated proof of completion to the show secretary.

  • If Performance Halter classes are held in conjunction with an AHA or AERC sanctioned Endurance ride or a Competitive Trail riding organization, all registered Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian horses entered in the ride are eligible to compete.

Performance Halters Classes can be run as Open, Amateur and Junior Exhibitor. Classes will not be split by horse’s age with the exception of “Prospect” class for horses two and under at the discretion of show management. Classes must be separated by Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian. In addition, they must be separated by:
  • Stallion
  • Mare
  • Gelding

All Performance Halter classes must be adjudicated by using the Performance Halter Score Card.

*Please note that the AAO Performance Halter classes offered at the 2020 U.S. Nationals are open to Sweepstakes eligible horses only.

2020 National Show Commission Updates

Check out the latest updates from the National Show Commissioners.
2020 Distance Horse National Championship

The 2020 Distance Horse National Championships will be held this year in La Pine, OR at the Lava Cast Forest site on September 25-27. This is the first year at the Oregon location and we are very excited for the opportunity to hold the ride in Region 4. This year we are again partnered with the Appaloosa Horse Club, Paso Fino Horse Association, Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry, American Morgan Horse Association, Akhal-Teke Association of America and the American Saddlebred Registry to host their National Championship Ride(s). Among the many National Championships offered we also have three Limited Distance and 50 Open AERC/AHA Rides and a 100 Mile AERC /AHA Open Ride, along with an Open AHA Competitive Trail Ride. These Open Rides only require AERC membership and have no qualification requirements, however previously competing in a ride is recommended.
If you are interested in sponsoring this great event or have questions please visit the DNL Webpage or contact Paige Lockard at paige.lockard@arabianhorses.org or (303) 696-4535. See you all in Oregon!
2020 Canadian Nationals
The 2020 Canadian Schedule is now online with comments being received. Please email CanadaComm@arabianhorses.org.
Click here for more information.
2020 Omnibus
The 2020 Omnibus will be available online around March. If you would like a printed copy of the Omnibus please fill out this form:

Printed copies will only be mailed to those who have requested them.
Be a Hero Challenge

February Challenge: Lend a Helping Hand

Let’s stop bullying and encourage great sportsmanship!
Each of you has the ability to brighten someone’s day. Each month, we challenge you to share your #RiseUpAndBeAHero moments on different challenges. Share your stories via Instagram posts or videos for a chance to win great prizes.

Tag @arabianhorseyouth  and use the hashtags #RiseUpAndBeAHero
and #RiseUpAndRideOn in your social media posts for the chance to be featured on our pages. We will be sharing more info about each challenge during its designated month and give some ideas on how you can share your #BeAHero story.

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