As you probably already know, VS is affecting a number of states that will affect your travel into Canada. As of today, there are cases in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. The date of notification for VS in Oklahoma was July 29 so those horses that were at Youth and departed on July 28 will not be affected.

Below you will find wording that I received from the Federal Vet regarding VS:

Horses, swine and ruminants from a newly VS affected state that are accompanied by a valid U.S. health certificate and arrive at a Canadian Port of Entry within three (3) days of the date of notification will be allowed entry; conditional upon the results of the detailed inspection outlined below. After this time period, all importations of susceptible species will be prohibited. This exception also applies to Canadian animals returning on a valid CFIA export certificate. Any U.S. health certificates endorsed on or after the date of notification are not considered valid.

Here are the dates of quarantine as provided by CFIA. The following states have reported cases:

Texas - June 21 - Entry Not Permitted
New Mexico - June 26 - Entry Not Permitted
Colorado - July 3 - Entry Not Permitted
Wyoming - July 24 - Entry Not Permitted
Oklahoma - July 29 - Entry Not Permitted as of August 1
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