Forgot to Renominate your Horse in the Halter Futurity Program?
You can still renominate your horse in the US and/or Canadian Halter Futurity Program for $135 per horse/per country. Re-nominations must be postmarked/electronic transaction dated by March 31, 2020.

If you missed a previous years’ renomination and the horse has been dropped from the program, you can still participate. You can reinstate your horse into the program by paying the following fees:

Arabians $535 per horse/per year/per country missed plus $135 for the 2019 renomination year
HA/AA are $285 per horse/per year/per country missed plus $135 for the 2019 renomination year

Re-nominations only pertain those horses that were enrolled in-utero into the program.

Contact the AHA office at 303-696-4500, option #4 to renominate today!
Achievement Awards

+ Give You and Your Horse a Plus When to Comes to Competing! +
Give your horse the recognition it deserves, enter or renew into the Horse Achievement Award Program.   Achievement Awards symbols printed behind a horse's name provide a visible sign of honor and prestige. Horses earn points for competing and placing in AHA-recognized events, including: 
·          Breeding/In-Hand classes
·          Performance classes
·          Competitive Trail Rides
·          Endurance Rides
·          Combined Driving
·          Arabian Racing
·          Gymkhana
·          Dressage/Western Dressage
·          Pleasure Carriage Driving
·          Eventing
This unique program may be the only one in the equine industry that adds achievement symbols that become a permanent part of a horse's name.  In addition, display your well-deserved plaque prominently in your office or home.
As you are taking advantage of the Achievement Award Program for your horse, don’t forget to give yourself the recognition you deserve. Modeled after the popular Achievement Awards Program, which tracks a horse's performance, the Amateur Achievement Awards (AAA) Program assigns points to individual riders, handlers and drivers. Available for youth and adults.
Amateurs can earn points from all classes that horses can, plus Equitation classes!
You don’t own your horse? No problem, exhibitors don't have to own the horse they compete with since this program tracks riders, handlers and drivers only.
Please note that back points can be purchased for both the Horse and Amateur Achievement Award Program. Check out the link here for more information or call the AHA office (303) 696-4500 #4 to speak to a representative.

Qualification Point and Score Increases

Qualification points have increased for both the Regional and National levels this year. Please remember that:
  • A first or second place at an AHA qualifying show automatically qualifies for the Regional Championship.
  • A Top Five at the Regional Championship, Pacific Slope and East Coast Championship qualifies for Nationals.
  • A Top Six at the Eastern or Western Canadian Breeders qualifies for the Nationals.
  • The qualification period remains the same, the previous year (2019) up to the close of entries (for the 2020 year).
  • Open qualifications can be used in some disciplines.
  • Working Western participation qualifications remain the same.
  • Qualification comes from the class section, Amateur and Amateur Owner have specific requirements.

Click here for chart or call (303) 696-4500 # 4 to speak with a Customer Service Representative
Performance Halter Qualifications Explained

Performance Halter does not require previous point qualifications from either the AHA local qualifying competitions or Top Five placings Regionals. The “qualifications” required are from the show/ride and are determined as follows:

  • All horses three years of age and older must have been entered and shown in a performance class (Under Saddle and/or Driving) at the same show as the one in which the performance halter class is being held.

  • Have completed an AHA or AERC sanctioned Endurance ride or a Competitive Trail Ride recognized by AHA or sanctioned by an AHA recognized Competitive Trail riding organization in the past 90 days, exhibitors must present dated proof of completion to the show secretary.

  • If Performance Halter classes are held in conjunction with an AHA or AERC sanctioned Endurance ride or a Competitive Trail riding organization, all registered Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian horses entered in the ride are eligible to compete.

Performance Halters Classes can be run as Open, Amateur and Junior Exhibitor. Classes will not be split by horse’s age with the exception of “Prospect” class for horses two and under at the discretion of show management. Classes must be separated by Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian. In addition, they must be separated by:
  • Stallion
  • Mare
  • Gelding

All Performance Halter classes must be adjudicated by using the Performance Halter Score Card.

*Please note that the AAO Performance Halter classes offered at the 2020 U.S. Nationals are open to Sweepstakes eligible horses only.

2020 Distance Horse National Championship

The 2020 Distance Horse National Championships will be held this year in La Pine, OR at the Lava Cast Forest site on September 25-27. This is the first year at the Oregon location and we are very excited for the opportunity to hold the ride in Region 4. This year we are again partnered with the Appaloosa Horse Club, Paso Fino Horse Association, Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry, American Morgan Horse Association, Akhal-Teke Association of America and the American Saddlebred Registry to host their National Championship Ride(s). Among the many National Championships offered we also have three Limited Distance and 50 Open AERC/AHA Rides and a 100 Mile AERC /AHA Open Ride, along with an Open AHA Competitive Trail Ride. These Open Rides only require AERC membership and have no qualification requirements, however previously competing in a ride is recommended.
If you are interested in sponsoring this great event or have questions please visit the DNL Webpage or contact Paige Lockard at or (303) 696-4535. See you all in Oregon!
2020 Canadian Nationals
The 2020 Canadian Schedule is now online with comments being received. Please email
Click here for more information.
2020 Omnibus
The 2020 Omnibus will be available online around March. If you would like a printed copy of the Omnibus please fill out this form:

Printed copies will only be mailed to those who have requested them.
Dates and Deadlines

Regional Youth Teams

Don't forget! Regional Youth Teams are due APRIL 1st.
Don't wait, get your team together so you can start earning points!⁠
Want to earn points and win prizes with your friends, or make new friends through showing and riding? The Regional Youth Team Tournament offers youth the opportunity to form teams which work together to earn points. ⁠

Arabian Horse Foundation Scholarship

Have you sent in your application?⁠
The Arabian Horse Foundation Scholarship Application deadline is due April 1st. ⁠
Don't wait, get your applications in now!

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