A Message from Affordable Housing Alliance Chair E.J. Thomas--

As is often the case with start-up organizations, the staff of the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio--first Barbara Poppe and now Bobbie Garber--has worked for us part-time or in a consultant capacity. Their support has been key to advancing our mission over the past four years and achieving the successes we are now seeing in new local funding for affordable housing and adding new Alliance members.

In 2018, the membership adopted a workplan to transition to "AHACO 2.0," which includes hiring our first full-time staff to support the expanding work of the organization. We are now beginning the search process to hire a full-time Executive Director. Bobbie will continue to provide staff support through the end of 2019 to assure a smooth transition.

The Executive Director will be the Chief Executive Officer of the Affordable Housing Alliance and report to the Board of Directors.