For the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio, this year has been one of remarkable momentum, as Columbus, Franklin County, and private and philanthropic leaders have committed new affordable housing resources. These funds will help preserve and develop much-needed affordable housing units. We remain appreciative of the time so many in the public and private sectors and the media have invested in not only listening to our message, but then acting in their respective spheres to help address this issue in central Ohio. 
These substantial commitments clearly get us on our way. As we move forward, it is important for the Alliance to continue informing our community about the magnitude and types of affordable housing needs, along with our recommended strategies to address them. With all that has been accomplished, we are just getting started in addressing the growing gap that we have highlighted since the Alliance began its work more than four years ago.

Development is essential to creating affordable housing, but it is not the only strategy. Programs and policy change are also affordable housing tools and are often required to make development more affordable.