September 29, 2022

AHCA Hurricane Ian Information for Providers


Emergency Order AHCA No. 22-001 for Background Screening

To address the ability of facilities to hire staff at this critical time and recognizing the inability to obtain timely fingerprints for background screening, the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has issued Emergency Order AHCA No. 22-001, which expires 30 days from the date of the order. This order establishes the following guidelines for health care providers.

When a criminal background check is required, a provider must first review the Clearinghouse Results Website to verify if the candidate has a current Level 2 screening.

If the candidate does not have a current Level 2 screening or the provider is not able to initiate an Agency Review or Resubmission on the candidate in the Clearinghouse Results Website, then the provider must make every effort to find a Livescan Service Provider that will process fingerprints for a Level 2 screening. 

If the candidate is not in the Clearinghouse and they are unable to initiate Level 2 screening due to the inability to access a Livescan site to be fingerprinted, then the provider should request a Level 1 screening and follow the steps available here: Florida Criminal History Record Check

1135 Blanket Waiver Requests for Hurricane Ian

For information concerning blanket waiver requests for Hurricane Ian please visit Blanket_Waiver_Requests_for_Hurricane_Ian.pdf

Emergency Patient Look-Up System (E-PLUS)

AHCA has activated E-PLUS and 25 county special needs shelters are able to utilize the system to retrieve patient medical records. E-PLUS is also available to assist medical providers and emergency response personnel with locating missing or displaced persons after the storm. Staff are available to assist with questions or to provide additional information on E-PLUS via email at:

Please continue to visit the Agency’s Hurricane Ian webpage for continual updates as information becomes available.

State Surgeon Health Care Worker Curfew Letter

Please click below to download a copy of the state's official curfew letter for health care staff to carry with them if they are traveling to and from work. Please download and make copies of this letter for your staff. 


AHCA's Reminder @ the Health Facility Reporting System 

Who:   All Residential/Inpatient Health Care Providers

What:  Report for Hurricane Ian (HFRS event name Tropical Depression 9) 

When: By 10am ET daily AND when your situation changes

Where: Health Facility Reporting System (

Things to Report: Census, Available Beds, Evacuation Status, Accepting Evacuees, Power Status, Generator Usage, Damages, Resource Needs

Need help reporting?

Instructional guide for entering event information

Speak to an AHCA staff member during business hours from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM ET

Other Resources

Be alert and check for updates as the situation unfolds.

Key Contacts

Local Emergency Management Office / EOC

In an emergency, your first contact should be your local or county Office of Emergency Management

AHCA ALF Unit: (850) 412-4304


State Emergency Operations Center

If you are unable to get through to your Local Emergency Operations Center (EOC), the following numbers are operational during emergency events:

  • State Assistance Information Line (SAIL) at (800) 342-3557 
  • Emergency Support Function-8 Planning Desk at the State Emergency Operations Center (850) 245-4878


FSLA Key Contacts

  • Gail Matillo (850) 496-2562
  • Jason Hand (850) 443-0024
  • Sheri LeaJean (850) 708-4971
  • Meredith Van Valkenburgh (850) 755-6583
  • Heather Conley (850) 708-4972
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