This is it! The GOP amended the AHCA last night in the hopes of earning support of the House Freedom Caucus. Their amendments make the bill EVEN WORSE, but they still haven't locked in moderates or the Freedom Caucus. With the vote planned for today, we need all hands on deck to beat this bad bill.

Your representative needs to hear from you BEFORE 2 pm.

Here is their planned timeline as it looks now: 

-Rules at 7am
-Rule on the floor at 9am
-First votes on the rule at 10am
-Several hours of general debate likely
-House vote done by 5pm

Keep those calls and emails coming and push Members to publicly oppose the health care repeal bill as soon as possible. We need public statements on the record so wavering Members will be less likely to flip. This is especially important for Denham, Valadao, Cook, Knight, Issa, Royce, but for all GOP members from Rohrabacher to LaMalfa.

Key messages to convey include that the House health care repeal bill:

- Increases the number of uninsured by 24 million people
- Makes coverage unaffordable for millions of Americans – raising premiums and out-of-pocket costs, while raising taxes for many working families
- Removing Essential Health Benefits means that insurance plans will not cover even the barebones of basic services, even prescription drugs, that people need to treat their conditions to stay healthy. Women will be charged more than men and lifetime limits are back.

Use this link to be patched through to your member of Congress:

Or call the Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121.

We need your voice today!