NOTICE 21-12
April 5, 2021
Application Receipt and Lobbying Notification

AHFA follows a competitive process by which all applicants are objectively
scored according to criteria specified in the 2021 Housing Credit Qualified
Allocation Plan and the 2021 HOME Action Plan (Plans). Following receipt
of the application, each package is reviewed for completeness, point-scored in accordance with the Plans, and evaluated for financial feasibility. AHFA strictly adheres to the policy and procedures of these programs.

Efforts to influence this process through the aid of lobbyists or other
sources would be futile. Any action of this type is a violation of the
Plans and could subject any offenders to civil or criminal liability. Each
application must stand on its own merit.

We appreciate your interest in AHFA's multifamily funding programs and
look forward to working with you to create better housing opportunities for our state's lower-income citizens.
Alabama Housing Finance Authority |