AHFA DMS Authority Online 
User Registration & Application Release

1. AHFA DMS Authority Online User Registration

All first time users must complete the registration process prior to beginning the AHFA DMS Online Application process. Registration instructions are available on the "Apply for Funding" page of the AHFA website. ( )

2. AHFA DMS Authority Online Application

This is the only live and official online application entry tool for the 2018 cycle, so any application information entered via the AHFA test online application version of AHFA DMS must be entered again via the link provided in this update.  Any experimental test applications created prior to 1/9/2018 will no longer be accessible and are not eligible for submittal to AHFA. AHFA will remove any applications created prior to this date from the system by 1/15/2018. As a reminder, the completion of AHFA application forms are a prerequisite to the completion of the application process in AHFA DMS, which can be completed within five(5) business days.  
Please note, in the "Round Selection" dropdown box, the applicant must select 2018 Multifamily Housing Credit/HOME application or 2018 Housing Trust Fund Application.  An example of selections are found below:

Questions regarding the DMS Online Application may be submitted to AHFA using the  DMS Online Question Form.