October 2020
File Review Requirement + Reminder About Entering Tenant Data in DMS
The Multifamily Compliance Department is working to complete its remote file reviews for 2020. To ensure the reviews are completed, we require management to send any requested items within 5 business days of the request.

As a reminder, we have been reviewing the tenant data entered into DMS, we have found multiple tenant event issues such as missing tenant events and incomplete tenant events when reviewing tenant data entered into DMS.

  • Please review each property’s tenant data to confirm there are no missing tenant events (move in, move out, etc.) and that each cell has an entry. 
  • The tenant data for each effective year can be reviewed by clicking “Export Events” on the Property Details screen.
  • If you need to see tenant data from a previous year check the box beside “Show All Owner Certificates.”

If you find any issues or have any questions, please contact AHFA’s compliance department at mfcompliance@ahfa.com.
Updated: Tips For Working With Your Environmental Professional
The Multifamily Division has updated its list of tips for working with your Environmental Professional to prepare the environmental assessment to be submitted with applications for AHFA-related projects. 

The tips are not meant to be exhaustive of all the items you should consider when working with your EP. Rather, they are meant to help applicants and their EPs avoid common mistakes. 

Although the tips are designed to be consistent with AHFA's Environmental Policy Requirements and related policies and regulations, only the requirements set forth in AHFA's current year allocation plans are controlling.

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