January 2019
7 Reminders When Filling Out a 2019 Application in DMS
1.) Remember your User ID and Password.  

2.) Use the Multifamily Application Package Forms as a guide when completing the Online Application.

3.) Keep a list of Development Team Members Organization Codes handy when completing the application.

4.) Fill out each page as directed and complete all items. Saving before “Adding” or “Updating” may generate an error message or may not hold the data. (e.g., Buildings Page)

5.) Double check all information entered to verify correctness (including spelling) and to confirm the information was captured.

6.) When submitting the application, be sure to change the drop down box from “Application Pending” to “Application Submitted” before pressing the “Submit” button.

7.) If you have any issues when completing the Online Application, notify AHFA immediately at ahfa.mf.dms@ahfa.com .
Nominations Now Accepted for 2019 Manager of the Year
Give your top managers the recognition they deserve by nominating them for AHFA's annual Manager of the Year award. Site and property managers for any development financed with AHFA-administered HOME funds or Housing Credits are eligible.

Nominations are due April 26 . The 2019 winner will be announced at the Alabama Affordable Housing Association's annual conference. Click here for a nomination package:  http://bit.ly/2ixrGOY.
News & Events Request: Help Us Promote Your Work!
Your work provides a valuable platform to showcase developments and illustrate the relevance of programs that make affordable housing possible in Alabama.
Keep us up-to-date on the latest in affordable housing in Alabama, and we'll share your news and events in our newsletter, on our website and Facebook page, and in various other publications and marketing materials*.

We just need story "leads." There's no need to take a lot of time gathering and writing up information - we'll do that. We just need to hear about information we can share to showcase your work!

News & Events We Want To Know About:
  • Innovative initiatives
  • Signature projects
  • Resident testimonials
  • Professional achievements/awards
  • Special collaborations
  • Tours
  • Congressional delegation visits
  • Groundbreakings
  • Ribbon cuttings

Email us back at  communications@ahfa.com  with your news and events. We look forward to hearing from you!

* Please be aware that we will not be able to use every submission as we seek to provide diversity in terms of geographic areas, ethnicity, development groups, etc. However, we will keep all submissions in a "Story Bank" for possible use in future advocacy efforts. We reserve the right to exclude any submission for which the project/development team has issues of non-compliance.
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