October 2019
HOME Program CHDO Set-Aside
The HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) administered for the State of Alabama by AHFA is required by 24 CFR Subtitle A, Subpart G, 92.300 to reserve a minimum of 15% of the annual HOME Allocation for Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) projects.

The Set-Aside may only be reserved for all the following:
  • A non-profit organization meeting the definition of a CHDO (24 CFR §92.2)
  • An eligible project which the organization will own, develop or sponsor in accordance with 24 CFR Subpart G §92.300
  • An organization with demonstrated experience appropriate to the role the organization will play in the project

AHFA 2020 CHDO Application Package

The 2020 CHDO Application is available on AHFA’s website at the following link: http://www.ahfa.com/multifamily/multifamily-programs/home-housing-credits/chdos.

To be considered for the CHDO Set-Aside in the 2020 Competitive Application Cycle, organizations must submit an AHFA 2020 CHDO Application to AHFA by 5 p.m. on Monday, December 2, 2019.

AHFA anticipates notifying applicants of its determination of CHDO eligibility from AHFA two weeks prior to the Application Date for the 2020 Competitive Application Cycle.

Questions regarding the CHDO Application should be sent to ahfa.mf.chdo@AHFA.com.
Importing Compliance Information Into DMS
Tenant event data in the DMS Authority Online Management System is utilized for:

1.      HUD Tenant Data submission
2.      Potential point deductions for the owner and management company
3.      Market information for submitted applications

In an effort to ensure accuracy and increase efficiency, DMS offers users the option to import tenant event data into the system rather than manually entering it. The AHFA Online Import Instructions lists required tenant events that will be imported, but is not all inclusive. 

If you choose to import, the following information will be validated, meaning that DMS will make sure the XML file has: 
  • Correct project
  • Award number
  • BIN number
  • Number of units
  • Certification year
  • If the unit is occupied or vacant depending if the event is a move-in, transfer-in, move-out, or transfer-out

Users must confirm that all tenant event data has been correctly entered, click “Update”, and correct any errors (if they exist) before finalizing the certification year. Tenant event data that is NOT imported must be entered manually.

Simply uploading a successful XML file and finalizing the year will not run the necessary compliance checks nor generate the error or warning report. DMS does not complete a compliance check without clicking “Update” on the Tenant Event screen for EACH event that is imported. Be sure each event has been updated before finalizing the year for a property.

If you have any questions about importing compliance information in DMS, contact mfcompliance@ahfa.com .
News & Events Request: Help Us Promote Your Work
Your work provides a valuable platform to showcase developments and illustrate the relevance of programs that make affordable housing possible in Alabama.
Keep us up-to-date on the latest in affordable housing in Alabama, and we'll share your news and events in our newsletter, on our website and Facebook page, and in various other publications and marketing materials*.

We just need story "leads." There's no need to take a lot of time gathering and writing up information - we'll do that. We just need to hear about information we can share to showcase your work!

News & Events We Want To Know About:
  • Innovative initiatives
  • Signature projects
  • Resident testimonials
  • Professional achievements/awards
  • Special collaborations
  • Tours
  • Congressional delegation visits
  • Groundbreakings
  • Ribbon cuttings

Email us back at  communications@ahfa.com  with your news and events. We look forward to hearing from you!

* Please be aware that we will not be able to use every submission as we seek to provide diversity in terms of geographic areas, ethnicity, development groups, etc. However, we will keep all submissions in a "Story Bank" for possible use in future advocacy efforts. We reserve the right to exclude any submission for which the project/development team has issues of non-compliance.
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