September 2018
Board of Directors Meeting Held in September

The AHFA Board of Directors met September 26. Among other business, the board approved the final 2019 HOME and Housing Credit allocation plans, the allocation of 2016 and 2017 Housing Trust Funds, and home mortgage servicing for the Arkansas Development Financing Authority.
2019 HOME/Housing Credit Allocation Plans Approved
The AHFA Board of Directors approved the final 2019 HOME/Housing Credit allocation plans during its September 26 meeting. The allocation plans will be used to direct the application process and funding awards for 2019 HOME Investment Partnerships funds and Housing Credits. 

The plans are available for download at .
Success Story: The Fowlers, Center Point
Born and raised in Birmingham, Keith Fowler always dreamed of buying a home. In June 2018, his dream came true thanks to AHFA’s Step Up program and the help of his loan officer, Dave Molde with Rock Mortgage.

Keith says, “I had wanted this for so long. My mom died 12 years ago, and it was always her dream to get a home. But she went through such a struggle for so long, then she got sick and passed away, and it never happened for her. I know she’s seen me buying a home and making a better living for myself and my family. When I got this home, I just cried and I talked to my mama and just said, ‘You know this is for you.’ "

Apart from fulfilling his and his mother's dream, Keith says he wanted a better setting for his wife and three boys - ages 15, 8, and 7. Keith says jokingly, “The boys are eating me out of house and home, and the tiny little apartment we were in just wasn’t cutting it.” So Keith, who has worked in general maintenance for Vestavia City Schools for the last 11 years, and Donnetta, who teaches toddlers at Primrose School, started the house hunt. They felt like the time was right since Keith had been saving up and working to improve his credit score.

Morning Bus Stop Outreach Program Serving Young Residents of Shepherd's Cove in Auburn
Shepherd’s Cove resident and father of two, Churmell Mitchell, grew up watching his mother fill more than just bellies with the food she cooked for the neighborhood children. He learned that small acts of love and service can make a large impact.
Today, he’s working to feed bodies, hearts and minds within his own community—Shepherd’s Cove in Auburn. Mitchell has been instrumental in developing a morning bus stop outreach for the school age children of the affordable housing community.
“The idea originated from memories when I was a young child riding the bus in my apartment complex, similar to Shepherd's Cove,” said Mitchell. “We had volunteer mentors who stood by the bus stop and passed out snacks and something to drink while we waited for the bus.”
Mitchell stands at the bus stop each morning and provides the children with a snack and juice or water. This allows the parents time to get ready for the day or work without worry that their children are unsupervised.

Realtor Spotlight: Marie Eubanks, Dream Key Real Estate, Athens 
Marie Eubanks has enjoyed a successful career in real estate for the past 14 years. She has been a part of the team at Dream Key Real Estate in Athens since it opened in 2014. Eubanks has also served as president of the Athens-Limestone Association of Realtors and as state director for the Alabama Association of Realtors.

Q: How did you hear about AHFA programs?
A: I first heard about the Step Up program from a great loan officer in the area, Diane McAlister. I have been encouraging clients to discuss all of their options with their lender since I first found out about the programs you offer.

Q: What do you think is the biggest benefit of Step Up?
A: The best benefit from the programs is the extra buying power my clients receive. In some cases, my clients might not have had a chance to buy a home without the programs offered by AHFA.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?
A: I enjoy helping my clients overcome obstacles and achieving their homeownership goals. The most rewarding aspect of my job is handing the keys to a new home to clients who thought that they would never have their own home.

Q: What do you think makes you stand out from other Realtors?
A: I have great resources and a great company to work with. I believe knowledge is power in this business. I enjoy learning new things and trying new software. With today's market changing daily, a Realtor must adapt and learn to better educate our clients. I feel you are doing a disservice to your clients if you don't. Realtors are teachers and guides to helping clients with one of the most important investments of their life. I take that very seriously.
Success Story: Village at Mill Creek, Millbrook
Erroll and Lillye Pitter relocated from Detroit to Alabama to be closer to family after retirement. They moved initially into a rental home in Montgomery, but decided that a smaller apartment home with less maintenance would better suit their needs.

The Pitters soon found a development they were interested in located in Montgomery, but by the time the lease on their house ended, all units were full. That’s when they found out about Village at Mill Creek.

Watch the video below for more of their story:
Village at Mill Creek is a 56-unit development in Millbrook that was financed in part by $914,250 in HOME Investment Partnerships Program funds and $751,737 in Housing Credits, both administered by AHFA.
ServiSolutions Launching New Automated Phone System 
ServiSolutions anticipates launching a new automated phone system this month that will give you more information about your mortgage loan than ever before.

Customers will have the option of obtaining loan information and status from the automated phone system, including current amount due, last payment posted, YTD interest and principal paid, YTD escrow items paid, prior year-end information, and more.

Please have your loan number or SSN and the property zip code with you when you call. Then follow the system prompts.

With the enhancements, we anticipate overall call center wait times will lessen significantly as customers will be able to use the automated tools to get the information they seek. If you have any questions about the new system, please contact us at
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