May 2019
Most Frequent Loan Purchase Suspense Trends
This month's most frequent loan purchase suspense trends are:

  1. Missing Ability to Repay (ATR) Income Calculation Analysis and Debt Analysis Worksheet (Compliance Report or Mavent).
  2. Missing MIN Summary Report for 1st note
  3. Settlement Service Provider List dated within 3 business days of initial 1003 not in file
  4. Missing evidence that UFMIP (FHA) has been paid
  5. Missing evidence that PMI (Conventional) has been activated
Lender Visits & New Giveaways
We'll be visiting lenders in the coming weeks to deliver some goodies. We've got mini herb gardens as a reminder that our programs can help your customers put down roots.

We've also got participating lender table tents to place in your offices or lobbies to let people know you are an AHFA participating lender.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Want To Know More About AHFA Programs?
We'll come train you on the benefits of our homebuyer programs and how to utilize them. Our Step Up down payment assistance program and Mortgage Credit Certificates help make homebuying more affordable and help more people qualify to buy a home.

Want to know the details? We offer onsite, in-person training for all mortgage professionals! These classes include training on our programs, borrower and property eligibility, processing, documentation, income calculations and more.

Contact us today to schedule a date and time! Email Cathy James at .
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