February 2019
Most Frequent Loan Purchase Suspense Trends
This month's most frequent loan purchase suspense trends are:

  1. Chain of title not listed on the title policy
  2. Missing Final/Initial 1003 for DPA
  3. Missing signed "Intent to Proceed" form
  4. Missing initial LE for 1st and 2nd mortgages
  5. Mission FHA SSR/EAD
New Customizable Flyer Available for Home Possible Advantage loan product
Last month we announced that AHFA and Freddie Mac have teamed up to offer the Freddie Mac Home Possible Advantage conventional loan product to borrowers in Alabama. This product provides eligible borrowers a grant to help with closing costs.

Now we have created a customizable flyer you can use to let customers know about this new product.

The latest flyer matches the Step up and Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) flyers that have been available for some time. These flyers inform Alabama homebuyers about each program, feature similar branding elements, and can serve as companion pieces to rack cards we can also make available to you upon request.

In addition, the flyers allow you to input your contact information prior to printing.

Please contact AHFA's Communications Department at communications@ahfa.com to request your digital files.

For more information about the Home Possible Advantage conventional loan product, click https://conta.cc/2FkN0RP.
Want To Know More About AHFA Programs?
We'll come train you on the benefits of our homebuyer programs and how to utilize them. Our Step Up down payment assistance program and Mortgage Credit Certificates help make homebuying more affordable and help more people qualify to buy a home.

Want to know the details? We offer onsite, in-person training for all mortgage professionals! These classes include training on our programs, borrower and property eligibility, processing, documentation, income calculations and more.

Contact us today to schedule a date and time! Email Cathy James at  cjames@ahfa.com .
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