March 2022
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Next Meeting

The next meeting is Monday March 7th at 6:15 PM. The meeting will be held utilizing Zoom software.
The Zoom e link for that meeting will be:

Dial-in Phone#: 1 646 558 8656    
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From The Executive Director
David MacDonald
Asylum Hill is Ready to Move Forward Following 2-year Pandemic

In my recent columns, I have explained the many changes and new initiatives that AHNA is undertaking for 2022. In this column, I’d like to review some of the successes of the past two years and summarize the key goals and projects for 2022.

From The House

Get Involved in the Legislative Session
By Rep. Matt Ritter

The 2022 legislative session kicked off February 9 and concludes on May 4. During these next few months, we will be working to continue addressing the impact of COVID-19 on our state, making Connecticut more affordable for working families, and advancing our economic recovery.
Exploring Asylum Hill - Spring St Family Center
 By Bernie Michel
I had the opportunity to tour the Village Spring Street Family Center at 105 Spring St recently with Lynn Webber, the Coordinator of the Family Institute, and it’s really amazing all of the programs and services they have.

Asylum Hill Then And Now
607 Asylum Avenue

Asylum Hill Now And Soon
207 Garden Street

Volunteer Of The Month - Fred D. Berry
By Bernie Michel
This months Volunteer to be appreciated is Fred D. Berry, an Asylum Hill resident for many years, and one whose efforts for Asylum Hill and all of Hartford spanned decades while being unknown to most everyone.
News of AHNA’s Green Committee 

The Green Committee continues to focus its work on the implementation of our Strategic Plan goals. This includes:
Goal 1: Tree Canopy Expansion We are grateful to The Hartford Insurance Company for their grant to Knox Inc. of $40,000 to work with AHNA to do a thorough assessment of the trees in Asylum Hill. We will be hiring and training residents to do this work, so email if interested.
Goal 3: Conservation of the North Branch of the Park River The Green Committee drafted two letters in support of our river. The first asks the City of Hartford to recognize the significance of the North Branch in the overall ecology of our region and the importance of conservation. The second letter speaks of the damage routing the East Coast Greenway (bike path)
along the Riparian Corridor would do. The Committee recommends the Hartline Route as an alternative. These drafts will be brought to the AHNA Board, and then to a General Meeting for approval.
Goal 4: Composting of Food Scraps Green Committee member Barbara Robbins has been working diligently on this project for over a year. We thank The Hartford for a grant of $5,400 to purchase six large tumblers to place around our community for residents to compost. AHNA has also applied for a Love Your Block Grant for signage for the tumblers. Barbara is willing to arrange to pick up food scraps from businesses,schools. Contact if you are interested.
Next Meeting of the Green Committee: March 14 6:15pm by zoom
Contact Lynn Johnson at for a link.
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From the Editor

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