November 2021
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Next Meeting

The next meeting is Monday November 1st at 6:15 PM. The meeting will be held utilizing Zoom software.
The Zoom e link for that meeting will be
From The Executive Director
David MacDonald
Candidates for AHNA Director

The AHNA Annual Meeting will occur on Monday November 1st starting at 6:15pm. We will elect Directors to the AHNA Board at that meeting. The Nominations and Governance Committee has interviewed several candidates and recommends the following individuals for election to the AHNA Board of Directors. There are 4 incumbents seeking re-election and 5 new candidates. If all the candidates are elected, the Board will have a total of 10 Residents and 9 Non-Residents maintaining the requirement that a majority of the Board be residents of Asylum Hill.

From The House

State Ups Investment in Special Education Services

By Rep. Matt Ritter

During the 2021 legislative session, I was proud to work with the General Assembly's Black & Puerto Rican Caucus to help create the Community Investment Fund 2030 (CIF2030). This fund is a 10-year, $2 billion-plus investment in communities such as Hartford to fund much needed improvements.

Exploring Asylum Hill - Hartford Artisan Weaving Center
 by Bernie Michel

It’s been a few years since we wrote about Hartford Artisan Weaving Center at 42 Woodland St, so this seemed like a good time to check in. They went back to full classes at the beginning of September, with the usual precautions. All of the weavers and the volunteers have to be vaccinated and generally wear masks, as did Ann Kollegger the Executive Director of the Weaving Center and I. It was especially encouraging to see how well they have done in the face of the pandemic. 
Asylum Hill Then And Now
Forest St at Farmington Ave
Volunteer Of The Month - Lynn Johnson
Lynn Johnson has been a force of nature and a force for nature probably long before she moved into Asylum Hill. But it has been the neighborhoods good fortune that she did. As the volunteer chair of the Asylum Hill Environment and Green Initiatives Strategic Planning Taskforce, she organized and chaired several meetings and was first to complete a draft report. 
Stowe Center’s Black Walnut Tree

by Bernie Michel

Asylum Hill’s Strategic Plan for the next 10 years will most likely include an effort to improve the tree canopy in the neighborhood. Increasingly experts are discovering how important trees are to our health, from a neighborhood to the entire planet. Mature trees are especially valuable, as they provide much more benefit than those just planted. So when we discovered that the Black Walnut tree just west of the Stowe Visitor Center had been taken down, we were dismayed. 

AHCC Thanksgiving Community Dinner

November 25, 2021 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

For the Thanksgiving holiday, AHCC volunteers will prepare and serve a meal for our neighborhood family. The Community Thanksgiving Dinner is a FREE, traditional Thanksgiving meal, provided, prepared, and served by volunteers and donations. Together we can celebrate community and give thanks. With many folks unable to travel to be with family this year, and many in our community dealing with a lack of resources, we are honored to share a meal with you and our neighbors.
You are invited to be a part of this very special Thanksgiving Community Meal! Thank you to Delicacy and Chrysalis who will be cooking the turkey, gravy and green beans. We are looking for side dishes, water and volunteers to help facilitate this important ministry.

Fall Leaf Collection for Hartford

The City of Hartford Fall Leaf Collection Program is designed to allow residents to dispose of fallen leaves prior to the first heavy snowfall. During the Program, residents are asked to identify the disposal options that work best for their household as listed on the website and follow the zone schedule for curbside collection.
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From the Editor

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Paul O'Mara Communications Committee Chair
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