October 2021
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Next Meeting

The next meeting is Monday October 4th at 6:15 PM. The meeting will be held utilizing Zoom software.
The Zoom e link for that meeting will be
From The Executive Director
David MacDonald
AHNA seeks volunteers to join Board of Directors

AHNA’s Strategic Planning Steering committee has received draft plans from each of the 8 Task Forces and they will be presented to AHNA’s membership at our October 4th General Meeting. Plans for Economic Development, Employment, Housing and Historic Preservation, Human Services, Arts and Culture, Youth, Public Safety, and Environmental and Green Initiatives have been drafted and will be presented on Oct. 4th. There will be breakout sessions to collect feedback from the people attending. A short summary is provided here:

From The House

State Ups Investment in Special Education Services

By Rep. Matt Ritter

As the crisp feel of fall moves in, the cold of winter can't be far behind. This is also a time when many families become more concerned about how to pay their heating bills. But there’s good news as Operation Fuel has programs available to help struggling families.

Exploring Asylum Hill - AHCC Origami Doves
It started when Senior Minister Erica Thompson saw images of the Michael Pendry exhibit of Les Colombes at the national Cathedral in Washington DC. 
Asylum Hill Then And Now
Trumbull House
Volunteer Of The Month - Knox Garden Volunteers
Knox Inc. has been an important part of Asylum Hill for a long time, and volunteers have been an important part of Knox for all of that time. Recently they put out a call for volunteers to help prepare for the fall and winter season. More that half a dozen showed up at the Hawthorn Street Garden and most didn’t have a plot there. They came to clean out the beds and get them ready for winter.
Georges Annan Kingsley Exhibition at Charter Oak Cultural Center
While we usually only focus on events located in Asylum Hill, this one has it’s heart in the neighborhood, but is taking place at the Charter Oak Cultural Center at 21 Charter Oak Ave. 

Stowe Prize winner for 2021 Dr. Eddie S. Glaude Jr. 
The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center awarded Dr. Eddie Glaude the 2021 Stowe Prize for Begin Again: James Baldwin's America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own (Crown Publishing Group, 2020). His book uses the life of James Baldwin to create a dialogue about racial inequality in the United States today. 
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