April,  2019 

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             Next Meeting 04/01/2019

The next meeting is Monday April 1st, 6:15 P.M. at  The 224 Eco-Space, 224 Farmington Ave .  

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From The Director

From the Executive Director
David MacDonald
April is going to be a busy and active month for the Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association. Our Committees will be meeting in April to continue the work of improving our historic neighborhood. Committees allow residents and other stakeholders to have a positive impact on our area of the city. We invite everyone from the Hill to join a committee and help us improve our neighborhood. Each committee with its description is listed below.

From the House

Greetings to my friends and neighbors in Asylum Hill!


Spring News
By Rep. Matt Ritter
A "good news" story to kick off springtime in Hartford.



Science Center Event for West Middle School Students

The First Lego League JR. 2019 took place at the Connecticut Science Center on Saturday March 2, 2019.
The event theme was Mission Moon. There was an emphasis on the importance of girls learning about science on purpose. Activities for all ages were available on all levels of the science center.

Exploring Asylum Hill


Exploring Asylum Hill - Paul's Shoe Repair

By Bernie Michel

Each month, as I deliver the printed copies of the News & Views to the 80+ locations throughout the neighborhood, I stop at the shoe repair shop at 620 Asylum Ave to leave a few copies. For years, the cobbler was never there, but rather a young woman greeted the customers, taking in and returning the shoes repaired. "It was almost as if elves did the work." Paul explained.

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     Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer Of The Month - Walter Scott

Walter came to Grace Lutheran Church for the first time about 5 years ago. His friend Alan suggested they both go to the free dinner the Church was offering every Friday night, and so they did.


Free Health Screening in Asylum Hill

On Saturday, April 27 th there will be a free health-screening event for any Hartford resident from 9:00am to 2:00pm at the community hall at Grace Lutheran Church. The event, initiated by the Sathya Sai Center of Greater Hartford, a service organization located nearby in Blue Hills, is a partnership with Grace Lutheran Church and the Wheeler Clinic.
The purpose of the event is to bring basic health information both personal and general, to people in Asylum Hill and beyond who may not have a regular personal physician.


AHCC Wilderness Companions Series

This series of conversations is offered to the community by Asylum Hill Congregational Church for the five consecutive Thursday evenings of Lent, a period of preparation for Easter. "Wilderness" refers to the place where Jesus went to fast before he began his public life. For us it can mean a place of limited distractions in a spiritual sense and the "companions" in this quest are the speakers and community that come together to share their experiences.



Asylum Hill Bike And Walk Audit

On March 19  th nearly two dozen friends and neighbors participated in an audit of safety conditions in the main thoroughfares of Asylum Hill from the point of view of pedestrians and cyclists. Hartford, and indeed Connecticut has struggled for a long time with public transportation infrastructure that favors automobile traffic to the detriment of most other modes. 

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From The Editor
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Paul O'Mara Communications Committee Chair
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