April,  2020 

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             Next Meeting 5/04/2020

The meeting for April has been canceled in accordance with Governor Lamont's 'Stay at Home Order'.  The next meeting is Monday May 4th which will be a streaming video conference if necessary.

               Parking at 224

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From The Director

From the Executive Director
David MacDonald
The Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association's mission is to empower and connect residents and stakeholders to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood. Like you, we are navigating the uncharted waters of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst all this uncertainty, however, some things are known- namely, that Hartford is home to committed community leaders, passionate non-profits, and generous business partners. In our city, we will work together to meet this crisis with compassion, confidence and creativity.  

From the House

Greetings to my friends and neighbors in Asylum Hill!


Capitol Update on COVID-19
By Rep. Matt Ritter

The corona virus (COVID-19) is impacting every facet of life in Hartford. From schools, to families, to businesses - we are all impacted in a very real way. As we continue to navigate this new public health reality, please contact me at [email protected], or by phone at (860)240-8489, if you have any questions or concerns.


Exploring Asylum Hill

Exploring Asylum Hill -   COVID-19 responses in Asylum Hill

By Bernie Michel

Saint Francis Hospital has been visibly busy over the last several weeks dealing with the escalating issue that is COVID-19. Especially here in Asylum Hill, but also throughout the region they are a primary line of defense in dealing with this pandemic. People are coming from the surrounding towns to get tested.

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Asylum Hill Then And Now
Volunteer Of The Month

Volunteer (Opportunities) of the Month 

As was suggested in Asylum Hill Then & Now, there are a few activities that are still compatible with all the restrictions of COVID 19. It seems valuable to try to focus on what we can do. Social distancing, 6 feet apart, puts a real crimp in the way most of us behave, especially when we're volunteering to help others.
However, one thing that it seems could still be done by anyone willing, that's still allowed, at least for now, and benefits us all, is picking up litter.


Asylum Hill Guide

The collaboration between AHNA and Hartford Publications that began last summer, with the generous support of The Hartford, is finally being completed. The paper edition is being printed now, and will hopefully be available for early distribution along with this April edition of the print News & Views.
The digital edition is available on the AHNA website www.asylumhill.org


March Recap

The old adage about March, lions and lambs got turned on its head this year. The month began with an AHNA meeting on March 2 nd that hosted the first of the Hartford Plan of Conservation and Development called Hartford 2035. What was to be a series of six meetings got cut short to only two.
On March 8 th, tragedy struck on Ashley St when the house at 29 Ashley owned by Mr. Delille caught fire. Fortunately no one was injured, but the damage is extensive, and the owner is still waiting for the State Fire Marshall to complete the necessary inspection before any cleanup work can begin.


COVID-19 Press Releases

St Francis Mobile Hospital

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