August,  2019 

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             Next Meeting 08/05/2019

The next meeting is Monday August 5th, 6:15 P.M. at  The 224 Eco-Space, 224 Farmington Ave .  

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From The Director

From the Executive Director
David MacDonald
Summer has finally arrived and our community gardens are growing well from all the rain and sun. Folks are out weeding and working on their gardens. The hot days of summer are here and being an election year, so are the volunteers out collecting signatures. This upcoming primary and election are important for Hartford's progress, I hope everyone reading this gets registered to vote and votes. Your voice matters.

From the House

Greetings to my friends and neighbors in Asylum Hill!


The General Assembly is in recess and Matt's column will return after the recess period.


Exploring Asylum Hill


Exploring Asylum Hill - A New Hill Guide Coming Soon

By Bernie Michel

The Last time Southside Media published a directory for the Asylum Hill Neighborhood the cover photo was taken during the "Annual Multi-Lingual Day in May at Nook Farm"
and the neighborhood organizational partners were Asylum Hill Inc. and AHOP. The YWCA was about to celebrate their 125 th anniversary and nearly all of the phone numbers in the ads were without an area code.

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Asylum Hill Then And Now
a 133 Farmington Ave


Trees On Farmington Ave 1919-1925

     Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - Trinity Reynolds

It's always reassuring to find members of the younger generation who are willing to take up the mantle of volunteerism and continue the work that many of us have engaged in for so long. So when I noticed Trinity volunteering to help out at the Grace Lutheran Church Friday Night Gatherings. She has been helping out at the Friday Night Gatherings for most of the past year by passing out the desserts. 


South Marshall Street Pop-up

It wasn't long after the June 25 th Annual S. Marshall Block Party was cancelled due to rain that discussions began about what to do instead. There was no rain date, nor could the 30+ non-profits who had volunteered to come participate reserve a second day in their schedule just in case. On the other hand, there were a lot of books, backpacks and other items, some of which were kind of time sensitive, like summer reading that wouldn't wait until Fall. It's usually at that time that they organize a "pop-up" which is just a two hour event when a dozen or so people come to meet with the neighbors and bring food (cider and donuts) and seasonal hand-outs (pumpkins & house plants) to the kids and parents.
The date chosen was Tuesday July 23 rd, and once again on Monday the weather was looking dicey.


National Night Out Boys and Girls Club

National Night Out will be celebrated once again this year at the Asylum Hill Boys & Girls Club at 170 Sigourney St. It's been an annual tradition here at the Club practically since it opened nearly 15 years ago.


Please Spay Your Cat!
By Barbara Robbins

     If you are feeding a cat, indoors or out, it is your responsibility to get that cat spayed (females) or neutered (males).   No new kittens are needed, as the animal shelters are full of adoptable kittens and cats, especially at this time of year.  Spaying/neutering is the kindest thing you can do for them, and prevents unwanted kittens from suffering a difficult life. 
     When I went outside in early July, I was greeted by an extremely thin gray tabby with white chest and paws, and the clearest green eyes one can imagine.  It meowed constantly, drawing attention to its pitiable condition. 

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