February,  2020 

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             Next Meeting 2/03/2020

The next meeting is Monday February 3rd, 6:15 P.M. at  The 224 Eco-Space, 224 Farmington Ave .  

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                January Minutes


From The Director

From the Executive Director
David MacDonald
As we enter the middle of winter, when the largest snowstorms tend to hit CT, AHNA is tracking how well folks clear their sidewalks. Asylum hill is a walkable neighborhood and it's important that our sidewalks are cleared soon after a winter storm. AHNA's Quality of Life Committee has been going out after snowstorms to document with photos whether landlords, businesses and the city of Hartford are clearing snow off their sidewalks in a timely manner. Per city ordinance, all property owners must:


From the House

Greetings to my friends and neighbors in Asylum Hill!


2020 Legislative Session

By Rep. Matt Ritter
The legislative session kicks off on Wednesday, February 5 th.
In a short legislative session, every second counts.  Crunch time begins immediately as we open the 2020 session of the General Assembly.  We have three months to address health care priorities.  We have three months to focus on education policy.  We have three months to address hundreds of potential issues. Every issue is important, but the clock is always ticking.


Exploring Asylum Hill

Exploring Asylum Hill -
Pt 3 Islam at 248 Farmington Ave

By Bernie Michel

The Nation of Islam, Muhammad Mosque #14 was located in Asylum Hill for many years beginning in the early part of this century. It is called "Mosque # 14" because it was the 14 th Mosque that Malcolm X founded, this one in 1956. While it's early years were spent mostly on Main St, at several different addresses and where it is now at 2550 Main St, for a lot of it's time, Farmington Ave. was it's home.

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Asylum Hill Then And Now
Volunteer Of The Month

Volunteer of the Month - 
AH Churches sheltering the homeless

Before the beginning of this winter, it became clear to Kelly Gonzalez that there will be people homeless, and there will be limited shelter space available. Some of those who are homeless will be parents with children. So Kelly, the Program Coordinator at the Salvation Army's Marshall House, coordinates with 211 to find temporary shelter for those in need. She was familiar with a model being used in New Haven and thought it might work in Hartford. 


Hartbeat's New Artistic Dirctor

Godfrey Simmons Jr. is the new Artistic Director for HartBeat Ensemble, and that is really good news for HartBeat, Asylum Hill and Hartford. The results of a nation-wide search brought him and his family, wife Sarah Chalmers and son Samuel, to our neighborhood from Ithaca NY.

Events and Opportunities
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Arts and Music on the Hill

Art at ICC
Most churches in general, and several of the neighborhood churches use the walls of their fellowship halls to display art as a way of enhancing the spiritual experience for their members. They are usually displayed for weeks or in some cases for several months or more. For those who are fortunate to attend meetings as these churches, it becomes like an accidental gallery, and an extra perk for the volunteers at the meetings.

AHCC Arts And Spirituality Retreat

AHCC's Worship and Arts Committee is excited to present the annual Arts & Spirituality Retreat! Local artists and talented church members lead large and small group activities designed to help you explore your artistic side as it relates to your spiritual journey. This year's retreat begins with a sumptuous dinner and live entertainment, and the two-day event invites participants to disconnect from their "normal routines" and enjoy live performances of music and dance, explore visual art installations, paint, cut, arrange, cook, sing, dance and pray. You can tailor your experience through your selected special interest sessions, which offer more intimate interaction with artists, teachers, speakers and performers. The cost of the retreat is $70 and includes instruction as well as dinner, continental breakfast and lunch!

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From The Editor
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