March,  2015 

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MeetingNext Meeting 03/02/2015

The next meeting is Monday March 2nd, 6:15 P.M. at Asylum Hill Congregational Church, 814 Asylum Avenue.  This is our annual meeting which was postponed last month by the weather. 

From The Chair


As we come to the close of February, the month when we celebrate Black History and the month when we celebrate Love, loving our neighbors as ourselves champions the unbreakable bonds of true community.  


From the House

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first month serving as Co-Chair of the Legislature's Public Health Committee, and welcome the responsibility and challenges associated with this new position.



Hawks Eye View


Snow, snow days and more snow! It's been a cold winter, but achievement is still hot at West Middle.  Read More



The Passing of Liam McGee
On February 16th we learned of the passing of Liam McGee, the former CEO of The Hartford whose vision and determination not only brought the company back from the devastation of the economic crash of '08 but also committed to the 5 year, $5 million intervention in Asylum Hill and the $2 million commitment to demolish Capitol West.  Read More 

Volunteer of the Month
We began this feature last month with the story of a young volunteer living here in Asylum Hill, and knowing that there must be hundreds of volunteers whose stories we don't know.  So we'd like to reach out to you our readers, to let us know about the volunteers that you know, who are doing good work to help their neighbors and whose story needs to be told.
So this month we'd like to feature not one individual but rather 18.
CandaceExploring Asylum Hill

Candace completed her BSW degree from Southeastern University in Lakeland FL in 2012, then moved with her husband to the Hartford area to begin his work at The Hartford. She always knew she would want to get her MSW.  Read More




Top Ten Endangered Hartford Properties

In an effort to raise awareness of the many historic homes and buildings in Hartford that are being demolished by neglect, the Hartford Preservation Alliance has established a 'top ten' list of the most vulnerable significant properties.

Read More

TrainingAHNA Board Training

The AHNA Board gathered together on Saturday morning with Ted Carroll and Dwayne Jackson from Leadership Greater Hartford, to strengthen their relationships and clarify both their vision and strategies around the three main topics of Economic Development, Education and Public Safety.

LouisaLouisa's Exhibit at Charter Oak

From Feb 7th to March 6th people have and will have the opportunity to see the artistic works of Louisa Barton-Duguay. She was, at least until Feb 6th a very well kept secret to all but a few in Asylum Hill.  Read More







Banners2We Belong Here Banners on Asylum Ave.

In June 2012, the Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association (AHNA) and Hartford Public Library (HPL) began collaborating on a number of activities and issues related to welcoming newcomers and raising awareness of the rich cultures and traditions they bring to both the neighborhood and the City at large.  Read More




ConservatoryHartford Conservatory

Extended Day Academic enrichment will be available at The Hartford Conservatory on Asylum Ave March thru May.   Flyer

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Committee Notes
Communications Committe

The committee met on 02/18/2015.

Transportation and Economic Development

The committee met on 02/04/2015
Welcoming Committee

The committee met on 01/22/2015.
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