March,  2018 

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             Next Meeting 03/05

The next meeting is Monday March 5th, 6:15 P.M. at The 224 Eco-Space, 224 Farmington Ave .  

       February Minutes 


From The Chair

Thoughts from the Chair

The Asylum Hill Neighborhood Associations' 20th Anniversary Celebration was an amazing event. Thanks to all who supported and came out to join us as we celebrated "20 Neighbors With A Heart". The celebrants consisted of 20 individuals who live and/or work in Asylum Hill.  

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HouseFrom the House

Greetings to my friends and neighbors in Asylum Hill!

1st District Spotlight
By Matt Ritter
It was a pleasure to see many of you at the AHNA 20 th anniversary celebration.  It was a terrific celebration for a terrific neighborhood.
I wanted to share a web video series I am producing called "1st District Spotlight".  These will be short, fast-paced looks at some of the people and places that make our corner of Hartford a great place to live and work.




Completed Resource drive for classrooms affected by Storm Brody
Special Thanks to our community partners, Asylum Hill Congregational Church, The Hartford Math and Reading Buddies Program, The Aetna, Town and County Club Kingdom International Economic Development Corporation, Staples Corporation and community members

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Asylum Hill Then And Now

        800 Asylum Avenue

Exploring Asylum Hill
40 Ashley Street


Exploring Asylum Hill - Michael Barr

40 Ashley St got it's newest owner this past November when Michael Barr, an actuary and data scientist at The Hartford, purchased his first single family house.
Originally from Long Island, Michael came to Hartford and The Hartford from college at the University of Albany. 


th Anniversary Gala Successful

On February 12th, AHNA officially began our yearlong celebration of our 20th Anniversary with a Gala hosted by The Hartford at their 22nd floor Tower suite. The highpoint of the event was the award presentation to 20 "Neighbors With A Heart", Volunteers and organizations whose efforts have made a difference over the last 20 years in the neighborhood. 


The Chrysalis Clover Gardens Development Proposal

At the first AHNA meeting of 2018 Chrysalis Center Real Estate Corp. represented by Mary Ellen Shuckerow presented plans to develop three historic homes on Asylum Avenue and one apartment building on Huntington St in a development of rental units, 9 of which were to be dedicated to clients from HARC, less than a block west of the project.


Fresh Start Pallet Products At The Flower and Garden Show

The social enterprise, not for profit business that started three years ago at Grace Lutheran has been steadily growing doubling the sales each year. In February they got a really great boost. With the help of Mike McGarry, Fresh Start Pallet Products was able to set up their own  display adjacent to The Cathedral's Field of Dreams.

Georges and his paintings.

Art Exhibition At The LOB

This past month, Georges Annan-Kingsley was given the opportunity to display his paintings at the State Capitol on the wall of the concourse between the Legislative Office Building and the Capitol Building.
This is an honor and an opportunity that is afforded to artists at times to make use of the space that connects these two buildings and through which hundreds of people w alk daily.

Arts and Music on the Hill
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