November,  2020 

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             Next Meeting 11/2/2020

The next meeting is Monday November 2nd at 6:15 PM. The meeting will be held utilizing Zoom software.

We invite you to attend our Annual Meeting. This year our Annual Meeting includes the elections of Directors, as well as a presentation of our proposed By-Law revisions, and a presentation from the Hartford about the results of their survey of Asylum Hill resident needs. 
The recommended slate of Director candidates includes two current AHNA Directors who wish to run for re-election and one new candidate:
1. Esther Gonzalez-Torres, current Director, Asylum Hill resident and Executive Director of Youth Challenge, one of AHNA's partners in the Asylum Hill community, and
2. Louisa Barton-Duguay, current Director, Asylum Hill resident, active volunteer in the neighborhood and the artist who led the mural project on the corner of Farmington and Marshall. 
3.             Lynn Johnson, new candidate, an Asylum Hill resident and active environmental activist in Asylum Hill who led the Pollinator Garden & Neighborhood clean-up project. 
The connection information for the Nov. 2nd Annual Meeting is 

 Dial-in Phone#:1 646 558 8656        Meeting ID: 814 5983 7275  

                       October Minutes



From The Director

From the Executive Director
David MacDonald
AHNA's By-Laws were last updated in 2009 and the Board of Directors identified several areas in need of improvement. AHNA established a By-Laws Review Committee that
reviewed proposed changes to the Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association ("AHNA") Bylaws and created a breakdown, by article, of the most significant changes. We provide a summary of the recommended changes here.

From the House

Greetings to my friends and neighbors in Asylum Hill!


Preparing the Post-COVID Economy

By Rep. Matt Ritter

CT businesses have taken on the difficult task of restarting their engines. It is a scary, daunting prospect - especially for small businesses.
From funding providing emergency loans and grants, to the Small Business Express program to creating a dedicated one-stop shop where business owners can find out about any and all state assistance that is available to them, the legislature has worked hard to provide the tools that businesses need as we look for recovery in 2021
Supporting Small Businesses with Access to Capital: 


Exploring Asylum Hill

Exploring Asylum Hill - HartBeat Ensemble Virtual

By Bernie Michel 
In this time of the pandemic, we have to take comfort wherever we can find it, and the luxury of finding quality entertainment at whatever price you can afford, available whenever it's convenient for you and to be enjoyed more than once, is a big part of that comfort.

Asylum Hill Then And Now


Broad St at Farmington Avenue

Volunteer Of The Month

Volunteer of the Month - Stop&Shop

Usually this column is about neighbors or small groups leading by example with small efforts to make the neighborhood a better place. But this month, Stop&Shop reached out to the Boys & Girls Club of Hartford to partner with them as a part of their "Nourishing the Community" program. 


The Mansions on Asylum Avenue

If you've been down Asylum Ave lately you are certain to notice a lot of construction work going on between Asylum Hill Congregational Church and Asylum Avenue Baptist Church, most specifically the three century old grand homes that some may remember as the long time home of the Hartford Conservatory and others may remember as the property of Jumoke Academy. 


Asylum Hill Guide

The paper edition has been printed and is being distributed along with the latest edition of the Hartford News.
The digital edition is available on the AHNA website

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