October,  2020 

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             Next Meeting 10/5/2020

The next meeting is Monday October 5th at 6:15 PM. The meeting will be held utilizing Zoom software.

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From The Director

From the Executive Director
David MacDonald
Schools have re-opened as we continue to adapt to the COVID pandemic. The Fall also brings the time for the AHNA Annual meeting and elections for the AHNA Board of Directors. Notice has gone out to AHNA members asking interested people to send us their nominations. We ask you, to consider serving Asylum Hill by representing your neighbors on our Board of Directors. It provides you an excellent opportunity to make a difference in Asylum Hill. 

From the House

Greetings to my friends and neighbors in Asylum Hill!


More Ballot Boxes for Hartford

By Representative Matt Ritter

Every registered voter can vote by absentee ballot this year due to COVID-19. Hartford is ready for a safe, secure election with a huge turnout; both in-person and by absentee ballot.


Exploring Asylum Hill

Exploring Asylum Hill - The Trident

By Bernie Michel

The intersection of Asylum, Farmington and Broad has been a problem for decades. It has been the focus of attention off and on for all that time. Most recently it received "block-the-box" status with painted markings, and in 2018 it was an important part of the I-84 Hartford Project, a planning effort to replace the I-84 Viaduct with a ground level highway.
Before that, in 2008 it was a subject of the Hartford 2010 Trident Committee for Asylum Hill, part of a City wide effort to improve all of the Tridents in Hartford.

Asylum Hill Then And Now


Charles Dudley Warner Home

Volunteer Of The Month

Volunteer of the Month - 
Mural at Marshall & Farmington

Last month we wrote about the work that was done with one of the Love Your Block grants that Asylum Hill received. So this month we'd like to turn you attention to the second project.

From Board Member Michelle R. McFarland

Civility Matters
By Michelle R. McFarland
I am tired of the pandemic.
I am tired of rude people.
I am tired of people driving crazy.
I am tired of people who complain but do not vote.
I am tired of people who think masks are optional.
Social distancing is barely respected.
I have redirected a couple of courageous people to get away from me.
This is not the time to be rude and disrespectful to people you do not know.
We are all in the same situation together.
News flash folks there is not a thing you really can do to change things.
As we wait for a vaccine, schools, churches and bars to open, let's work on being kind. If not now, when? We have had enough alone time to practice. I get it. As the old adage says, "when you know better, you do better. No more excuses.
We need civility to make a comeback in a big way. The world is chaotic and toxic.
Do your part to keep the peace and just be nice.
Or stay home.
Why Black Lives Should Matter
By Michelle R. McFarland

I am sick of black men being murdered like dogs in the street.
How many more must die in order to stop this genocide before our eyes?
It is wrong.
There is no good way to comfortably kill people who are unarmed or not even resisting arrest.
Nationwide these stories continue to dominate the headlines day after day.
Black people are tired on all levels.
We are always fighting to be heard, respected and treated fairly.
This is our reality everyday.
At home, in the community on the job, it is an on going theme: Keep Fighting, Well we are tired of fighting and talking about why black lives matter.
Let's start by being honest.
We are not "ok". And slavery has everything to do with it.
Black people were stolen and forced to build up a country with our bare hands and strong backs.
We are in a crisis like never before.
This is about race.
This is about systemic racism.
This is about Hate.
This is about Greed.
Let Black Lives Matter enough to stop the people we trust from killing us.


The Trouble Began - Stowe Center At The Twain House

By Bernie Michel

Actually, as we all know, the trouble began for real in March, but the Mark Twain House and Museum lecture series The Trouble Begins started off the 2020 season with Trouble at Home: Beth Burgess: The Nook Farm of the Clemenses and Stowes
It was a wonderful event for a lot of reasons, not least of which was the fact that it was both live and virtual. There were only 18 seats available in the Lincoln Financial Auditorium, and I got mine (4th row) as soon as I saw it posted.


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