May 13, 2021
Dear Families of New AHS Students,

We are looking forward to having your student join the AHS community for the 2021-22 school year!  

Now is the time to review course offerings and choose electives, using the following steps. You can make edits to your course requests in Infinite Campus at any time until student schedules are built and we will review schedules with new students during Student Orientation in August. There is also an Add/Drop period at the start of each semester that allows students to make changes in their electives. 

STEP 1: Create your Infinite Campus Parent Portal(s). You should have received an email on Wednesday May 12 with the subject line “AHS Infinite Campus Parent Portal Activation *IMPORTANT*” This email includes your activation key so that each parent can create their own Infinite Campus Parent Portal (please do not share accounts). If you have not created your Infinite Campus Parent Portal(s) please find this email and do it now. If you cannot find this email and need your activation key resent, please email [email protected]. Note new students will get their own Infinite Campus Student portal account information during orientation in August.  

STEP 2: View the 2021- 22 Course Catalog to determine which elective courses you would like to take. What interests you? What might your college look for in the major you are considering? Do you need to make up credit for a subject you might have failed or withdrew from? View our College Counselor, Jess Morrison’s Guide to Course Selection and College Readiness to understand the role course selection can play in the college admissions process. 

STEP 3: Make a full game plan for the whole year by determining which elective you would ideally want for each period that is not filled by a core class. AHS has a 7 period Bell Schedule. View the Electives Schedule to see which periods each elective course will be offered. Core Classes (Humanities, Math, Science plus Digital Art for 9th graders) meet during specific periods, and the periods that can be filled with electives vary by grade. Use these schedule templates to see which periods are open for electives for your grade level and make a game plan. Use the template for the grade you will be in next year.

  • Choose an elective for every free period you have both semesters.
  • Consider that some electives are yearlong and some are only semester long. You must choose electives for all year so if you request a semester-long elective 1 semester, be sure to request another semester-long elective for that period in the other half of the year. 
  • Do not request more than 1 elective offered during the same period.
  • Be sure to choose 2 alternate courses, 1 per semester. Alternate courses can be electives that meet any open elective period for your grade.
  • Pay attention to prerequisites. An asterisk (*) indicates the course has a prerequisite which must be completed before enrolling or that the course is only available to upper grades. “Adv” = Advanced. See the 2021- 22 Course Catalog for details.
  • Only advanced art courses are repeatable. All other courses can be taken only once.
  • We will do our best to honor your requests, but not everyone will always get their first choices.

STEP 4: Once you have your schedule template filled out then you are ready to make course requests in Infinite Campus. Login to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Go to More > Course Registration.
Click 21-22 Animas High School
You will see all your required courses, specific to your grade level, already loaded. 

To add your elective choices click Add Course
You can search or scroll through courses. Select the elective courses you wrote in your schedule template
Courses that are 2 Units are 1 semester long and courses that are 4 Units are yearlong. You will not see specific periods in IC. Just request the course and we will take care of the rest.  

Click Request to add it as a 1st choice or click Alternate to add it as a 2nd choice. 

9th, 10th and 11th graders need 100% which is 56/56 Units with at least 1 alternate per semester.
All requests are saved automatically. You’re done! 

Email Dusty at [email protected] with any questions about this process or Libby at [email protected] with academic advising questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Nest next school year!
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