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Apalachee Brings Home Ten Medals

Congratulations to the following AHS Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) students that medaled at Regions on January 11th. We are so proud of you!

Jessica Roginski: 1st Place in Region for Website Design, and medaled in Word Processing with a 5th Place finish.
Corey Fulcher: 2nd Place in Region for Business Calculations, (State Qualifier).
Charles Thomas: 2nd Place in Region for Banking & Financial Systems.
Stephanie Montoya & Stephanie Zapata: 3rd Place in Region for Broadcast Journalism.
Aldo Rivas-Chicas: 3rd Place in Region for Computer Applications, (State Qualifier)
Wesley Witter: 4th Place in Region for Economics, (State Qualifier)
Kayla Brown: 2nd Place Region for Electronic Career Portfolio.
Tekyiah Sanford: 5th Place in Region for Sports & Entertainment.
Shawn Powers: 3rd Place in Region for Introduction to Public Speaking

Schools Working Together 

During a frigid day in December, Ms. Ridgway's Seminar class at Bear Creek Middle School took a nice walk through the woods to Statham Elementary School to collaborate with Ms. Moore's second grade class. They had no idea that their presence would create such a memorable experience.

Ms. Moore was teaching a lesson with the objective for students to become engaged in diverse texts that told familiar holiday stories. She wanted her students to be able to compare and contrast texts from different regions in order to showcase how one tradition can be incorporated and adapted by different cultures. In this case, she had many stories about the Night Before Christmas. Ms. Moore decided to read the cajun Night Before Christmas. Starting her story with energy and mastering the cajun dialect of New Orleans, she kept the students on their toes ready for more. After the reading, she asked her own students to either read a book they brought from home or one of hers that related to the concept of the Winter Holiday tradition. Students in Ms. Ridgway's class were instructed to read with the students noting when students needed assistance in pronouncing words or understanding terms. Ms. Ridgway's students flourished in this area being patient and attentive listeners as the younger children read. When children needed guidance or help, the older students were ready! After the reading, both groups were surprised that Ms. Moore's class and Ms. Ridgway's class had brought personal gifts for each other! The teachers did not tell each other they were doing this and the kids were all laughing at the coincidence. After the exchanging of gifts the little ones went to Specials. While they were away, Ms. Ridgway's students left another surprise for the kids. They wrote inspirational messages on the board that the second graders could read when they got back.

On the short route back to BCMS, the 8th graders could not stop talking about the experience! They were so excited to be able to bond with these students and they were bragging on how well they did reading their stories. All they could talk about was being able to go back and perhaps present lessons to them.

Promoting Literacy for Children in Barrow County

Barrow Book Partnership via Piedmont Regional Library System was awarded $20,000.00 from the Governor's Office of Student Achievement. The Barrow Book Partnership's (BBP) goal is to improve the early literacy skills of children ages zero to five by promoting talking, reading, and interacting with children during their most critical stage of brain development. Specifically, BBP will provide parents and caregivers free books and connect them with free early literacy programs offered by their local public libraries. 

Starting February 1-February 28, bring your gently used books for children ages 0-8 to American Pest Control at 83 N Broad St. Winder or the Barrow County Board of Education 179 W Athens St. Winder. Your donation will promote literacy for children in the Barrow County community.  BRING A BOOK, GET ENTERED INTO A RAFFLE DRAWING!    
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Dr. Chris McMichael

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Connie Wehunt
Michael Shelley
Lynn Stevens
Rickey Bailey
Suzanne Angle
Rolando Alvarez
Mark Still 


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