Osprey Opportunities is a bimonthly newsletter for AHS families designed to help spread the word about opportunities with community partners that can help students build upon their interests and goals through extracurricular activities.

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The Durango Learning Lab provides a full-day learning and enrichment program for 1st through 12th grade students learning from home some or all of this year. Participants will split their day between pursuing self-directed academic goals and extracurricular activities in small cohorts of 8-12 students. 

A dozen different enrichment options are being offered in Session One from field research, outdoor recreation, art and performance and STEM programming. Join us 1 or 2 days each week during our first 5-week session which begins October 5. Additional 5-week sessions begin November 9, January 4, February 8, March 22, and April 26.

The program cost is $50 per day and financial aid is available for qualified families.

Rotary International Youth Exchange is now accepting applications for students who would like to go on exchange next school year. Rotary has been doing exchanges longer than any other organization in the world and they are part of the organization’s goal of “world peace and understanding.” Local exchange coordinator Tami Duke writes, "I volunteer to do this because I love diversifying the student population here in Durango, welcoming students from around the world into our home and giving the opportunity of exchange to students from Durango."
Rotary is a program that seeks students in the top half of their class, those who truly want to experience another culture, learn a new language, etc. Please visit the Mountains and Plains Rotary Youth Exchange website or reach out to Tami Duke at tami.duke75@gmail.com or (970) 769-8709 for more information.