June 2020
Virtually Awesome
Did you know that many AHTD ASPs and Manufacturers have been using the time in quarantine wisely, making content on LinkedIn and YouTube over the past few months?
Grab a bowl of popcorn, pour your favorite drink, and check out some of the videos !  Make sure to Like and Follow their pages, and to connect to fellow AHTD members on LinkedIn!
Has your company become Virtually Awesome and begun creating fun and useful content for all to see? Send us your landing page/LinkedIn page to be included in the new section of our website. Oh! And remember to follow the AHTD LinkedIn page and use our community hashtags to make sure your content is found!   #ahtd , #ahtdrocks , # doinghightechbetter , and #membershipmatters . It does, ya know!? Membership really matters.
Share Your Thoughts About Fall Meeting 2020
If you haven't already taken the three minutes to share your thoughts about gathering October 14-17 in Salt Lake City for the Fall Meeting there is still time. CLICK HERE to take the survey.
Thanks to everyone for participating.

The AHTD Financial Benchmarking Survey is the profitability study of AHTD members designed to obtain, understand, and analyze “best practices” for automated solution distribution companies.
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Member Article Series from Frank Hurtte
Excerpt from June 22 Article

Based on conversations with more than a dozen distributors, I have the distinct feeling we are slowly returning to normal. I’m not saying the Corona situation is over. Instead, I am picking up positive signals we are moving in an upward direction. Click here to read the full article .  

What's Up Members?
As a member of AHTD you’re tapped into a dynamic community of automation professionals. Check out some of these insights from our membership base. 
What's Up Strategic Business Partners?
We're grateful for our Strategic Business Partners. These companies offer strategic products or services in the industrial automation distribution industry.
DCKAP eSessions Exclusively For AHTD Members - July 9
DCKAP is hosting an exclusive eSession for AHTD members only on July 9. Click here to sign up and check out the great agenda featuring AHTD member Willie Miller from Koganei delivering "How To Drive Offline Sales With eCommerce".
KYKLO Chooses Buffalo for US Headquarters
Open for business… What a feeling. After nearly four months, and what seemed like an eternity, New York is finally opening some doors. While the march to normalcy isn’t moving forward as most of us would like, we are starting to feel the progress. With this in mind, now might be a good time to brief you on KYKLO’s immediate future. Get the full story .
Calling all Manufacturers and ASPs/Distributors!

Join the POS/Reverse POS Program powered by Interlynx.

Schedule a quick online session to see exactly how this works. Contact Larry White to learn more.  
One More Thought
Troy Harrison, author of Sell Like You Mean It!, The Pocket Sales Manager, and a speaker, consultant, and Sales Navigator, shares his view on the "5 Sales Trends to Embrace After COVID-19"
In my experience, most customer service training is about “conflict resolution,” when in fact, it should be “conflict avoidance.” Many customer service issues – and the attendant conflicts – don’t have to happen. I was reminded of this when I decided to have a snack.

I love Ritz crackers. Well, at least I used to.   Click here to read why Troy's faith in Ritz crumbled .
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