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AHTD Fall Meeting 2018: A Week to Remember
By AHTD's Promotions Committee

Washington, DC. proudly welcomed the Association of High Technology Distribution (AHTD) for their Fall 2018 meeting held from September 19– 22. The US capital was up to the task of providing first class hospitality, exquisite accommodations, and endless sight-seeing opportunities.  

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AHTD Fall Meeting 2018: More Than a Conference
By Robbie Floyd, B&D Technologies

Washington DC proved to be a premier destination with its stunning visuals, incredible monuments, and memorials. AHTD once again presented its members with a first-class conference at a location that left us feeling inspired.
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Bodine’s New SCR Rated PMDC Gearmotors 
Bodine SCR Rated Gearmotors
Northfield, IL (October 2018): To provide greater flexibility and compatibility with unfiltered SCR controls, Bodine Electric Company now offers a new selection of 90V and 180VDC gearmotors with a rated maximum armature speed of 2500 rpm. These gearmotors are designed for “hybrid” applications that neither match the 90V, 1725 rpm industry standard for operation with unfiltered speed controls, nor Bodine’s typical voltage and rpm for filtered 130VDC speed control operation.

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White Paper: Secure Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC)
Pilz Whitepaper Oct2018
Pilz Automation Safety L.P.: For safety reasons, humans and robots have been going their physically separate ways for years now. Today, productivity increases as well as demographic change with an increasingly aging working population are an impetus to tap into the potential of human-robot collaboration (HRC). If, however, humans and robots want to share a workspace, then the subject of safety is of central importance...This white paper sets out challenges and possible solutions in the implementation of safe human-robot collaboration in industrial settings. 

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Distributor Dilemma: How to Stop Wasting Time on Leads
As a distributor or channel partner, you work with dozens of different manufacturers — maybe as many as 500 — who send you sales leads in various formats on a daily basis.

Workforce Planning for the Future – Are You Ready?
You’ve seen the headlines and probably experienced the pain. Hiring is getting tougher. Job candidates can take their pick of employers, and companies need to adapt to survive.  

Troy Harrison
Do You Have Enough Oars in the Water?

By Troy Harrison
I’ll be the first to tell you that sales can be confusing these days. Customers have different expectations, different needs, and have far more access to information and ways to research us and our products. That demands a higher degree of professionalism and precision in our selling – if we make a misstatement, customers can back-check pretty easily.

Spring Meeting 2019
Wednesday, April 10 -
Saturday, April 13, 2019

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, Amelia Island, FL
Fall Meeting 2019
Wednesday, October 9 -
Saturday, October 12, 2019

Marriott Orlando World Center, Orlando, FL
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