Week Three Recap
By Frank Hurtte
River Heights Consulting

Once more, we demonstrate the power of association, more specifically, the might of AHTD. Before we launch into this week’s report, allow me to relate a story about the name of our organization.  Back in the 1980s, a small group of distributors met in the conference room of one of the founders to benchmark and discuss the many issues of being a distributor in the fledgling electronic automation business. Many in the group were also members of other distributor associations, but they recognized fundamental differences between selling high tech products and the core products of their legacy associations. Hence the formation of a Distributor Association, originally monikered The Association of High Technology Distributors.  

By the 90s, manufacturers were playing a major role in supporting and promoting the organization. Some individuals held important committee positions. Others were de facto leaders in other ways, providing valuable insights and key data on market trends and technology. A new name was selected to note their involvement and commitment. The Association for High Technology Distribution shows this is not just a distributor organization with a few manufacturers attending. Instead we are a group of equals dedicated to furthering the important role of the automation channel.

This week again demonstrates how supply-partners commit to strengthening the channel to market. Thirty-nine (39) manufacturing oriented members joined their fellow automation solution provider/distributor members in reporting. Click here to read the full article.
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