Week Four Recap
By Frank Hurtte
River Heights Consulting

First Things First
If you happened to be one of the few who missed AHTD’s offering of the virtual keynote from delivered by Brian Beaulieu, login to your AHTD members-only account and watch now. Brian is extremely knowledgeable and a great presenter. The experience made my day and, like ITR’s live presentations at AHTD meetings, resulted in at least a half dozen meaningful conversations throughout the rest of the day and evening. I know several people are going to listen to it again–just to clarify their own notes.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep positive during times like these, but Beaulieu drove home one easy to overlook point:  This is not forever . Instead, we are experiencing an historic event. Conditions are tough, but most likely not as tough as the Great Recession and certainly not the Great Depression. Current estimations call for an upswing in the 3 rd Quarter. 

On to our survey
This week’s survey, like the previous three, includes a good mix of ASP/Distributors, Supply Partners, and several Strategic Business Partners.   Click here to read the full article .
AHTD Book Club

Last week's survey asked members to share their favorite reads in professional or personal genres. Check out this listing to see what your fellow members are reading - or wish they had time to be reading!

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