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Dates and Deadlines
September 1

September 18-22

September 22
Arabian Horse Judging and Hippology Contest Entries Due

October 19-27

October 25-26

October 26

October 26-28

November 14-17

November 18
AHYA Board Meeting, Tulsa, OK
Arabian Horse Foundation Research Program
What we do!
Support equine research directed at improving the health of the Arabian horse, with a focus on projects of particular concern to the Arabian breed.
Our accomplishments:
Over $75,000 has been provided in support of a variety of projects involving collaborations with some of the top veterinary research programs in the world:
Corporate Partners
Equine Athlete Youth Rider Scholarship
Equine Athlete Veterinary Services has generously dedicated $1,000 to fund the Equine Athlete Youth Rider Scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded based on financial need, and any youth rider participating in the Arabian Horse Youth Nationals Championship Horse Show is eligible to apply.

AHYA Silent Auction Donations Wanted!
Looking for New items to be donated to the AHYA Silent Auction. This is one of our largest fundraisers for AHYA for the year! We need your help! Please send donations to AHA by November 1 st. Contact or 303.696.4505 with any questions.
Corporate Sponsors
US Equestrian Lettering Program
Y ou no longer have to be a record-setting quarterback or captain of the cheerleading team to earn a junior or high school varsity letter. Join the US Equestrian Lettering program to be recognized for your dedication to the equestrian sport!

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Do you Ride Frequently?
Media Partners
AHA is a major equine association serving 84,000 owners across North America. It registers and maintains a database of more than one million Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses and administers approximately $1 million in annual prize money. AHA produces championship events, recognizes close to 392 Arabian horse shows and distance rides and provides activities and programs that promote breeding and ownership.