September 2020
AI Strategy for SaaS Products

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I enjoyed listening to this interaction (scroll down to the audio file) between a Google scheduling bot and a PolyAI restaurant assistant. The Google bot is almost too realistic sounding which is why the decision was made that it needs to declare itself as a bot. Spoiler alert, Google got the information needed but the restaurant didn't get a booking.

This month along with a section on AI strategy for you SaaS applictions, I have a section on SaaS and Cloud infrastructure including some new reports.

I'm always interested in hearing about your cloud applications.

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AI Strategy for SaaS Applications
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This article How to Win With Machine Learning from Harvard Business Review gives an excellent perspective of how to enter and compete in an AI market. The article emphasizes three questions 1) Do you have enough training data? 2) How fast are your feedback loops? 3) How good are your predictions? It of course depends on the market but the answers to these questions help answer whether you can achieve and defend a market position. If a product continues to improve substantially with additional training data, you have excellent predictions and you have fast feedback loops you have a very defensible position. All of this thinking is applicable to SaaS products whether it is entirely based on AI or whether you're adding AI capability.

What's New in SaaS and Cloud Infrastructure

Gartner has just released the Magic Quadrant report on Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services. No surprises, AWS is the clear leader and Microsoft Azure and Google are also in the leaders quadrant. But reading this is a good way to review what the strengths and weaknesses are for each of these cloud services.

Forrester just released their Wave Report on Multicloud Container Development Platforms.  Again no surprises in the leaders quadrant, with Red Hat - IBM as the clear leader and Google and Rancher Labs also in the leaders quadrant. Containers are a great way to make applications portable from one cloud provider to another and an important cloud technology to understand.

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